Best Time To Visit Russia

Best Time To Visit Russia

Are you planning to visit Russia sometime soon? If so, you are surely going to have the time of your life. But do you know when it is the best time to visit Russia? Or what do you need to gain access to the country?

For the first question, we will learn a great deal below. For the second one, all visitors to the country need a valid Russian travel visa. You can apply for the document at the Russian embassy in your country of residence. Click here for more details.  

So, when exactly should you go for a holiday to Russia?

Russia is a big country, and so the climate isn’t the same in all the places at one time. It is also not cold and snowy throughout the year, as many people believe. For instance, a particular place might be warmer than another area in July. Or, in November, a city could be colder than another city in another location.

Besides, everybody likes different seasons. Some prefer the cold and snowy weather, while others love warm conditions. Some people even like rain or a cold breeze. The weather conditions don’t matter for some people unless it is extreme, like storms or heavy snowfalls. As long as they enjoy the sights, food and local attractions, many people don’t bother about it.


However, if you are particular about weather conditions, the time between June and August comes highly recommended. During these months, it is warmer with longer evenings. You can take part in many day activities and still have enough time to enjoy the evenings.

If you are still fresh even after spending an active day, you can visit the clubs and bars. Most cities and towns have them so you can go to some hotspots.

During the daytime, you can check out magnificent architecture in various places across the country. The Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Novospassky Monastery, St Basil’ Church, and Pushkin Museum are world-famous structures.

You can also go hiking or to a national park to see various kinds of flora and fauna. The Russian Arctic National Park, Kenozersky National Park, national Park Curonian Spit and Olkhon Island are unique places with natural beauty and wildlife species.

Check out local markets in any town or city that you visit. They have festivals and various local events. These places are great to find authentic cuisine and items made locally.

Russia has such beautiful scenery that you won’t feel bored even if you walk the whole day.


Winter can be freezing in Russia, and it lasts between November to March. December and January are the coldest months, though, with plenty of snowfall. But winter is also a great time to enjoy sports like snowboarding, skiing and freeriding.

Besides, many people consider winter the best time to see St Petersburg. If you don’t mind the cold, you can visit Russia during the winter months. If extreme cold bothers you, November, February, and March would be ideal for visiting the country during winter. The ski resorts in Sochi are quite popular if you love to ski.

Spring and Autumn

Generally, Russia mainly has two seasons; summer and winter. Spring and autumn are only brief spells before winter takes over from summer and vice versa.

However, you can also visit the country in September-October and also in April-May. During these months, the temperature averages between 11⁰ and 2.2⁰ Celsius. It can be pretty pleasant to see various places without feeling extremely cold or warm.

Kizhi Island, Moscow, St Petersburg, and Lake Baikal are places you can visit during these months.

No matter whatever the season, a beautiful place always stays that way. But if you have a particular preference, check weather conditions and plan a holiday during the season of your choice.

With many places to see and things to do, a holiday in Russia would be enjoyable and full of wonderful experiences.