Brussels Terrorist Attacks: What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance Coverage

Brussels Terrorist Attacks: What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance Coverage
For Brussels and/or Europe-bound travelers looking to cancel their upcoming trip, or for travelers already in Brussels, explains what to know when researching policies:

• Brussels-bound travelers - Many travel insurance plans offer trip cancellation coverage for terrorist attacks that are recognized as such by the U.S. State Department, provided the coverage is purchased before the attack. Typical cancellation coverage applies to travelers who are scheduled to travel within 7-30 days of the attack.

Insured travelers bound for Brussels, or other destinations within close proximity, should contact their travel insurance provider immediately to see if their plan offers coverage. Most policies will extend to destinations within a set radius of the location of the attack: some cover a 30-mile radius, others a 50-mile radius. Unfortunately, cancellation coverage can no longer be purchased to protect against travel to Brussels. reminds all customers that travel insurance plans are designed to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

• Europe-bound travelers - Trip-cancellation coverage will not cover travelers to other parts of Europe who do not have Brussels on their itineraries. Whatever their destination in Europe, travelers with concerns about safety might consider a trip cancellation policy with a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit.

• Travelers Already in Brussels - For travelers with an existing trip-cancellation plan who are already in Brussels or have an existing trip to Brussels in their itineraries, trip interruption coverage might be available, if the traveler decides to end the trip early. advises travelers to always purchase travel insurance as soon as they've made the first purchase towards their trip, to ensure that coverage is in place to protect against the unexpected. is the most convenient destination on the web for travelers to research, price and purchase travel insurance coverage to suit their particular needs. It takes only a few minutes to discover which insurance company offers reasonable prices and the best possible protection. Consumers can buy directly and securely through the website and/or their mobile phone and receive their policy via email within minutes.

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