How Be Natural, Inc. is Helping Celebrities & Athletes Launch Their Own Brands

How Be Natural, Inc. is Helping Celebrities & Athletes Launch Their Own Brands

Over the last six months or so, businesses have been jumping over hurdles to remain relevant during these difficult times. While many are counting their pennies to stay afloat, marketing has been fundamental for many businesses to remain successful and, therefore, profitable. But even before the pandemic, in the consumer market, there was an obvious influx of businesses and brands that commissioned celebrities and athletes to act as strategic parts of their marketing campaigns. We know them as brand ambassadors, influencers, and sometimes “the face of the brand.”

“Typically, the brand or company is the one to approach the talent, but we are changing standard operating procedure by giving talent the opportunity to create their own brand and easily partner to market and sell products,” says Be Natural, Inc. Founder, Ethan Hughes.

The Los Angeles based company has designed a one-stop-shop business model that allows celebrities, athletes, really anyone, to launch their own beauty, cosmetics, CBD or natural products line. In recent years, the beauty and wellness industry has seen a massive uptick in celebrity-backed and/or owned products. From the Kardashian’s to Rihanna and most recently, Selena Gomez, these celebrity-endorsed products have been flying off shelves.

With Be Natural, Inc., one can easily strategize, execute and deliver a line of products with their streamlined process. And with their 60,00 square foot facility as well as their award-winning chemists and in-house marketing team that is positioned to assist with the look and design of each product, Be Natural, Inc. can quite literally turn anyone’s idea into a tangible product from inception to result. The company additionally has full capability to manage e-commerce orders and fulfill shipping directly to customers.

Instead of partnering with a brand, Be Natural, Inc.’s streamlined system can position a celebrity, athlete, or influencer to simply launch their own line. So whether you’re a pop star looking to create a beauty brand or an NFL running back, perfect for endorsing a pain relieving CBD cream, with Be Natural, Inc., the sky’s the limit.

“The satisfaction of guiding an idea, developing it and seeing it manifested as a finished product is why we created Be Natural,” says Mark Jacobs, Be Natural Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer “We are fully invested in each brand’s success.”

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Article by Magdalena Munao