Porta Vita Apartments: The Oasis of Golden Beach, Florida

Porta Vita Apartments: The Oasis of Golden Beach, Florida

Porta Vita Apartments is a stylish and modern condo complex that is towering over the palm-tree-lined streets of one of South Florida’s most desired city – Aventura and its affluent Golden Beach neighborhood.

The complex consists of two elegant towers: the North and the South that harbor 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom condos with breathtaking views and was opened in 2000. Explore Miami Real Estate is experts who have singled out Porta Vita Apartments among other similar offers on the real estate market of South Florida and are ready to share their findings below. You can find some general information on this property on the Explore Miami Real Estate website: https://exploremiamirealestate.com/.

With the South Florida real estate market booming, one does not always have the resources and time to land on something that truly fits their requirements. And what makes Porta Vita Apartments a truly remarkable property is its universal ability to fit many parameters that are becoming a rare find with copycat properties flooding the market.

A captivating project. The Porta Vita Apartments are two 32-story high-rises: the South and the North towers that each feature 152 and 126 condos respectively. Gian Enrico Fabro, the mastermind behind another outstanding landmark, the Bristol Tower Miami, has worked on this project and added signature elements, such as luxurious exterior elements, such as, for example, the mosaic water feature in the pool area.

Dramatic views and first-class resort-like amenities. Each residence features spacious floor plans, private elevator access with front door elevator foyers, floor-to-ceiling windows, and extensive balconies that altogether create your own sun-lit paradise that was designed to make you feel as comfortable as if you were staying at a sumptuous resort, while also putting your privacy above everything else.

A place of peace and comfort that you would not want to leave. In order to make its residents feel even more like they are at a high-end resort, Porta Vita Apartments boasts a 35,000-square-foot amenity center - the Villa Grande Club. The Club accommodates club rooms, tennis courts, a European-style spa, and a world-class wellness center together with a fitness area, saunas, a beauty salon, swimming pools, and whirlpools. In addition, residents and their guests would be able to kick their shoes off at an elegant piano bar, a peaceful tearoom, or a sophisticated game room.