How Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz Launched the Leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

How Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz Launched the Leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

To some men, hair is an afterthought. To others, it can be a sensitive subject, as hair loss and thinning is extremely prevalent in men over the age of 35. In American men alone, by the age of 35, two-thirds of the population struggle to some degree with hair loss and by age 50, approximately 85% of men show signs of significantly thinning hair. Despite the fact that this is rather common for so many men, it can be a great source of distress often triggering a number of psychological problems as well as a staggering loss of confidence and self-esteem.

But thanks to today’s evolving technology, many men now seek solutions like hair transplantation surgery. While a typical FUE hair transplant procedure runs about $20K, the country of Turkey has become a mecca for minimally invasive FUE hair transplants. Despite the influx of new clinics and hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul, there is only one practice in Turkey that offers a true westernized patient centric approach— Dr. Asi and Dr. Eric Peretz’s Trichogenics.

Brothers, Dr. Asi Peretz & Eric Peretz work together meticulously on each patient, and only perform one surgical case per day, to ensure utmost quality and care. Trichogenics remains the only true premium hair transplant service in Turkey. After working in emergency medicine for a number of years in South Africa and later in Florida USA, the pair of doctors who happen to be brothers were eager to branch out into a different area of medicine. Upon discovering a passion and the potential of the hair transplant industry, Dr. Asi and Dr. Eric Peretz soon transitioned their careers after studying and training alongside some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Expanding their own practice to Istanbul, Turkey earlier this year, Trichogenics has quickly emerged as an industry leader in the Istanbul hair transplant industry. Offering a luxury experience and premium services from even before you get on the plane to the moment you land in Istanbul and weeks following the surgery, the Peretz brothers’ practice differs from its competition thanks to their attention to detail and patient care. The brothers proclaim that every patient becomes part of the family as the hair restoration journey is a lengthy one and they constantly look to support patients beyond just the surgery itself. Trichogenics offers clients the simple luxury of being able to easily communicate with English-speaking doctors, whereas many clinics in Istanbul struggle with English. Offering a personalized experience with robust pre and post op consultations and care, Dr. Asi and Dr. Eric Peretz have created the gold-standard for hair transplant services in Turkey.

The five-star experience begins with a luxury chauffeur pick-up from the airport to the best hotel stay in Istanbul, the brothers’ have thought of every detail. From Netflix and handheld shower attachments in the hotel rooms, to breakfasts at the famous Nusr-et restaurant Trichogenics level of detail and care rivals none. Tailoring their care and services to the needs of each patient, Trichogenics delivers not only the best in hair transplants, but the best in overall care. As hair transplant surgery finally offers men that struggle with hair loss a safe, effective way to grow real, natural-looking hairlines, Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz’s Trichogenics have redefined the experience, offering patients peace of mind, discretion, and safety in Turkey at a reasonable price.

You can easily learn more about hair restoration from Dr. Asi Peretz & Dr. Eric Peretz as they have a YouTube channel and Instagram account that is dedicated to patient education.