Vilalara Longevity in Portugal: A Unique Blend of Anti-aging, Medical treatments & Wellness Spa

Vilalara Longevity in Portugal: A Unique Blend of Anti-aging, Medical treatments & Wellness Spa
Vilalara Longevity is a unique fusion of Thalassa, wellness Spa and state of the art medical and anti-aging treatment programs within an exotic beach-front landscape. The resort offers an integrated experience to help guests Relax, Revitalize, Reenergize and Rejuvenate.

A combination of renowned and award-winning Medical Spa and the Thalassotherapy Centre allows guests to experience programs which offer a mix of cutting edge anti-aging medicine with the healing power of the marine therapies, to support them on the way to a healthier life with vitality.

The Longevity Vilalara team of experts offer personalized client-centered total health management in a luxurious, caring and supportive environment. Guests choose from a wide range of a la carte services to thematically structured wellness programs such as:

• Longevity Thalassa Weight Loss (7 nights)
• Cleansing Detox (7 nights)
• Active Detox (7 nights)
• Life Rejuvenation and anti-ageing (7 nights)
• Intense detox and weight loss (7 nights)
• Quick Detox (5 nights)

Longevity's preventive anti-ageing medicine is an integrated approach based on advanced scientific and medical technologies for early detection, diagnosis, prevention and correction of age-related imbalances.

Slow down the aging process, increase the quality of your life and restore your natural vitality by taking advantage of the synergy of biochemical evaluations, in-depth medical consultations, health and wellness programs, personalized fitness and nutritional plans, advanced aesthetic medicine techniques and natural therapies.

Signature treatments include Ozone Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Osteopathy, individual diet plans and weight loss programs.
As part of wellness programs, a range of fitness group and private activities are available:

Longevity Slim Circuit, Fitball, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Mindfulness Workshops, Healthy Living Workshops, tennis etc.

What results can one expect from the visit to Vilalara Longevity?

• Vitality & Energy
• States of Pain and Numerous Pathologies
• Weight Management
• Brain, Cardiovascular & Gastro-intestinal Health
• Hormone Balance
• Resistance to Stress
• Immune System
• Quality of the Skin
• Inflammatory States
• Cell Regeneration
• Health, Wellness, Self-Esteem and Quality of Life

Vilalara Longevity has 104 Junior Suites, 7 Suites and 12 apartments. The Restaurant, located on the cliff top with a stunning view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, offers a menu of reinvented low-calorie innovative dishes with an emphasis on local, quality produce.

Closest airport: Faro International Airport (50 km away).

The Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa incorporates the know-how and the team of an award-winning Longevity Wellness medical and angi-ageing concept which was previously located in Monchique, Portugal, and had been awarded Most Life-Changing Spa at the 2013 Tatler Spa Awards. The new beach-front location and Thalassa Spa of Vilalara has allowed Longevity to start offering even better service to its past and new clients.

Contact Details:

Longevity Medical Spa at Vilalara Thalassa Resort
Praia das Gaivotas, Alporchinhos - Porches
8400-450 Lagoa, Algarve - Portugal

Phone: +351 967 108 244 (Mon - Fri)