Shakti 360° Leti - Uttaranchal, India - Luxury Lodge

An innovative combination of traditional building techniques and contemporary design, Shakti 360° Leti is set in a stunning mountain wilderness at 8,000 feet.

Early morning casts a pink glow over the snow-covered peaks; very soon the sun burns off the cool of the night. Energised by the crystalline air, you may already be out walking with your guide, through the ancient rhododendron forests. Or you may choose to linger over a long, slow breakfast. As the sun rises higher, the achingly pure light casts sharply defined shadows. Eagles soar and swoop on the rising thermals. There's no sound, other than the breeze and an occasional snatch of birdsong. Mesmerised by the beauty, you may simply sit and stare. Or you might pack fishing gear and a picnic lunch and hike down to the river at the base of the valley.

Trip Type

Romantic Getaway


New Delhi-Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

High Season

November through April