#1 Ranked Online Fitness Platform of 2020: Dr. Jeremy James’ FITFOREVER

#1 Ranked Online Fitness Platform of 2020: Dr. Jeremy James’ FITFOREVER

Though 2020 has been riddled with challenges, brought on by the global pandemic, for many Americans, among these challenges has been finding a way to stay fit. As a result of gym closures and mandated lockdowns, maintaining a consistent fitness routine has been next to impossible. And with the new stay-at-home lifestyle, home fitness platforms and solutions have emerged to accommodate the new normal. Despite an array of new online fitness options that have become available over the last nine months, only one has come out as the number one choice.

Launched earlier this year, Dr. Jeremy James’ FITFOREVER is a newly developed online platform that checks every box when it comes to fitness. Whether or not you have access to a gym, pandemic or not, FITFOREVER is a completely personalized fitness experience that can be enjoyed from virtually anywhere. While most online fitness programs are generally one-size fits-all, FITFOREVER was designed to be tailored to each and every member and their needs, goals and capabilities. Best of all, the platform is not only effective, but safe and proven by medical and fitness experts.

When a new member registers with FITFOREVER they undergo a personal assessment that compiles a digital manifestation of how Dr. James and his team of experts would treat each respective member as if they were working with them in person all based on the app’s algorithm. Each member’s plan is personalized and stored in their online profile, delivering new and uniquely designed plans and daily videos based on the assessment. Routines and exercises are assigned based on a member’s body, the type of equipment they have available to them, and any physical limitations or injuries they have when beginning with FITFOREVER. The program is then designed to expand and build upon a member’s capabilities and progress, educating members with safe, effective exercises that progress you forward with each new workout.

“Through my years of helping patients and seeing so many programs out there that can be dangerous for people without proper guidance, I saw a need to provide consumers with an educational foundation for greater mobility and healthy living,” says Dr. James. “My goal for FITFOREVER was to create a fitness platform led by medical professionals and experts in human biomechanics which consumers of all ages and fitness levels could use to improve their body in a safe, comprehensive way, while setting the foundation to remain active and fully functional well into their 80s and 90s.”

After examining the program and all it has to offer, it soon became clear just how FITFOREVER is quite literally a manifestation of Dr. James’ comprehensive experience of treating patients and helping them successfully recover from injuries and surgeries to regain strength and mobility in order to live a healthy, pain-free life. Here are the top five reasons why FITFOREVER ranks number one for online fitness of 2020:

  1. Personalization – To put it simply, there just isn’t another platform currently on the market that goes to the extent of personalization of what the FITFOREVER program entails. One of the program’s fundamental building blocks is the personalization factor. Each user is given a thoughtfully and purposefully designed program based on their goals, fitness level, existing pain or injury, as well as the type of equipment available to them. All of this considered, members access their program through the Today’s FIT portal where they can find their plan as well as videos that progressively help them build onto their fitness level, continuing to advance them as they go. The workouts are not aimless, but rather effective and intentional. For some, this looks like getting the basics down by establishing a foundation for fitness. For others, it’s addressing key areas like balance and mobility, strength, posture, spine function and more. But one thing members can be rest-assured of is FITFOREVER’s whole-body approach to fitness. There are no shortcuts or tricks; with FITFOREVER, the instructors teach you how to effectively and healthily find your fitness stride.
  1. Designed by the Experts – No other fitness platform can claim the all-star team that makes up FITFOREVER. Though some programs may flaunt celebrity trainers and super fit instructors, the expert team at FITFOREVER comprises of doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, and Olympic trainers—all people that literally know the science behind the human body. These experts help FITFOREVER members course correct improper form by educating them on how to perform simple movements like squats, planks, lunges, and more. Whether a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the team ensures safe, personalized workout plans that help each respective member reach their goals.
  1. Simplicity at Its Best— These days, it seems fitness is sold based on hype. Whether it’s a trendy new fitness studio class with mood lighting and a curated playlist or a chic new piece of equipment like the expensive, yet trendy Peloton bike, fitness sells based on the “cool factor.” But one thing the cool factor doesn’t guarantee is effectiveness. With FITFOREVER, members are given a simple, yet proven approach to fitness without the smoke and mirrors. In fact, Dr. James designed the program to be simple and easy to follow for anyone, no matter where they are on the fitness spectrum. The layout and interface of the app is encouraging, welcoming and user friendly. With each video, members will experience a workout led by instructors that are 40+ years old, focused on safety and proper instruction. And as an added bonus, members will enjoy serene, beautiful, mountainous landscapes of Aspen, Colorado that facilitate a relaxing and motivating environment for working out.
  1. Training for Life, Not Calories – It seems that often times, when someone signs up for a new fitness class or program, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Trying to lose 10 pounds before a vacation or working on a non-existent six-pack are not realistic or sustainable ambitions for a sound fitness foundation. With FITFOREVER, members are encouraged to approach fitness with whole-body health and fitness in mind. Above all, the program has members best interest, putting their before and after feeling first, as opposed to their before and after photos. Though the program is known for constantly celebrating the successes and achievements of its members, the FITFOREVER is designed to help its members find a consistent and solid routine of health and fitness for life and longevity.
  1. Pricing— With such an affordable price point, FITFOREVER is essentially risk-free. With the type of personalization that goes into each member’s program, the perks of FITFOREVER are invaluable. Most personal training sessions average for about $55 per session, whereas, FITFOREVER is available 24/7 from virtually anywhere for only $14.99 a month or $99 a year. But if you’re still not convinced, FITFOREVER additionally offers a seven-day trial for free.

“Our method is simple,” says Dr. James. “At FITFOREVER, our focus is on building a highly functional body that feels great. Looking good is just a wonderful side effect.”

For more information on Dr. James and FITFOREVER, please visit FITFOREVER.com.