10 Adventure Travel Experiences You Can't Miss in 2018

10 Adventure Travel Experiences You Can't Miss in 2018
Follow it closely, and your social media feed will be the next go-to spot for travel inspirations. Here are the top 10 travel experiences for 2018:

1) Travel the Archipelago of the Azores
This small island group off the coast of Portugal is the next must see destination of 2018. Due to its well-preserved and wide range of biodiversity, the Azores has become the it spot for whale and dolphin watching, scuba diving, and geotourism. It is hailed to be the ultimate holiday destination for nature and adventure lovers. Swim with dolphins, abseil in nature or explore the island with a jeep safari. To know more, visit Futurismo.

2) Sail On An Artic Safari
If you thought safaris only existed in Africa, well a whole other spectrum exists at the ends of the earth. Discover the natural wilderness of the Arctic circle aboard the ‘Ocean Endeavour’, and keep your eyes peeled for polar bears, whales, caribou and walrus among glaciers and icy seas. Discover Greenland, which is home to the Jakobshavn Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a source of the majority of the massive icebergs in the North Atlantic. To know more, visit Adventure Canada.

3) Cycle Through the Deserts of Petra
One of the ultimate things for any seasoned active traveller is exploring a new place by bike. Make that The Kingdom of Jordan, and this will be a trip for the history books. Cycle to the city of Mt Nebo, supposedly the resting place of Moses, and many a desert road where the landscape is vast and spectacular. As an added perk, spend the night under the stars with the Bedouin people, in Wadi Rum. For more information, visit Exodus Travels.

4) The Great Alaskan Grizzly Encounter
Nature puts on few displays as arresting as Alaskan brown bears feeding on summer’s bounty. These bears—the largest coastal grizzlies in the world—gorge on spawning salmon as the fish swim up the rivers that pour onto these wild beaches. A privately chartered boat, the Natural Habitat Ursus, is ideally designed for this Alaska adventure cruise, offering an exclusive opportunity to follow the bears along the shoreline as they fish, dig for clams and amble along the beach. Step onshore for an even closer vantage point watching on foot with experienced guides from a careful distance. Visit Natural Habitat Adventures for more.

5) Discover the Hidden Valleys of Dolpa
Nepal has seen a revival in the last few years, with new and lesser-known treks becoming increasingly popular. For example, a trek through the hidden valleys of Dolpa features the icy turquoise waters of Phoksundo Lake, yak caravans crossing high-Himalayan passes, and some of the highest settlements on earth like the Dho-Tarap valley. These valleys were not opened until 1989, so a trek through there is one for the bucket list. To know more, visit Naturally Nepal.

6) Hike the Ring of Kerry Mountains
No doubt, the best way to see the beauty of Ireland is by foot. Kerry’s scenery and soaring mountains make the perfect backdrop for an exhilarating hiking trip. Through this off the beaten track, summit two of Ireland’s highest peaks, and hike through spectacular landscapes such as Killarney National Park, the wildest sections of the Kerry Way, and the rugged Dingle Peninsula. Not for the faint hearted, make sure your fitness levels are up to speed for this journey. To know more, visit Wilderness Ireland.

7) Explore The Rhino Conservation Site of Lewa
Lewa has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Kenya. Besides being famed for its variety of wild animals, and luxury award winning lodges such as Arijuju, it’s also home to a successful rhino conservation site. Every guest that visits the site contributes to this conservation with a fee that is already included in their nightly accommodation rate. Guests can also see the conservation in action by participating in ‘behind the scenes’ activities, such as; going out with dog teams that track poachers, or even joining a ‘rhino notching’ where a rhino gets tagged so the team can keep track of him. Talk about travelling for a good cause! For more information, visit Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

8) Discover Hidden Gems of the Aegean
Watch iconic postcard images come to life aboard the comfort of a cruise liner. Visit the enchanting Greek Islands dotted around the Aegean Sea, where culture, history, pristine beaches and fishing villages suspended in time all await. Kick things off in historic Athens, before venturing to the volcanic landscapes of Milos, ancient Crete, the buzzing bazaars of Kusadasi, and overnight stops in idyllic Mykonos and Santorini. To know more, visit Celestyal Cruises.

9) Stay a Week in an Amazonian Jungle Lodge
The Tambopata Research Center in Peru is the most remote jungle lodge in the Amazon. Human sightings nearby are so rare, that it is much more common to see monkeys, macaws and the odd Jaguar! The center’s remote location makes it excellent for explorations of Amazonian nature and wildlife. All of its rooms have authentic Ese-Eja décor which has been crafted by artists from the local community of Infierno, and feature an open verandah to maximise the experience with the rainforest. Did we tell you it takes 8 hours to get there by boat? Then again all the best places are the hardest to get to. To know more, visit Rainforest Expeditions.

10) Travel the Atacama Region in Chile
Desert chasers and history buffs should take a journey through the Atacama, a landscape of sand dunes, dried river basins and rich red rock formations. A must do is a hike through this formidable terrain before feasting your eyes on a spectacular sunset in Moon Valley. Then manifest your inner Indiana Jones and explore the archaeological site of Yerbas Buenas. It is home to ancient petroglyphs which date back approximately 10,000 years, an ancient relic of the Atacameno people. To know more, visit Enchanted Adventures.