10 Best Road Trips in Europe For Electric Car Owners

10 Best Road Trips in Europe For Electric Car Owners

Europe has a number of excellent destinations to explore, but with the rise in popularity for electric cars Compare The Market have released a study on the best electric roadtrips around the world, with the following ten options particularly ideal for electric vehicle users looking for an EV-friendly route.

Bergen to Trondheim

Bergen to Trondheim takes just under 11 hours to complete and the drive spans 434 miles in total. Electric vehicle users will have their pick of 132 charging stations along the way, while the drive itself should only require two charging stops. This area of Norway is truly remarkable, with notable highlights including Fossbergom, Forde and the Nidaros Cathedral.

Edinburgh to Inverness

The journey from Edinburgh to Inverness passes through some of Scotland’s most striking scenery and takes just over three hours to complete. The trip encompasses 156 miles of Scotland and requires just one charge along the way from one of the 55 charging locations. Some of the highlights of this part of the country include Perth, Tay Forest and Loch Leven.

Norwich to Lincoln

The drive from Norwich to Lincoln takes two hours 30 minutes to complete and provides EV drivers with 33 charging stops en route. However, with a journey this short, you shouldn’t need to charge on the way if you begin the journey with a full charge. This trip encompasses several attractions including Norwich Cathedral, Holbeach and King’s Lynn.

Bath to Falmouth

Driving from the Romanesque city of Bath to Falmouth takes around four hours at a leisurely pace and spans 200 miles. Drivers should only need to stop once to charge their vehicle, but there are 65 possible charging stops to choose from. Some of the highlights of this part of the country include Truro, Topsham and Weston-Super-Mare.

Amsterdam to Maastricht

The journey from Amsterdam to Maastrict is two hours 11 minutes long and involves driving a distance of 132 miles. Despite only requiring one charging stop on the way, this route provides a staggering 250 potential charging locations so it’s an ideal option for EV drivers. From Utrecht to Hertogenbosch, there are plenty of locations to explore throughout this scenic road trip.

Frankfurt to Hohenschwangau

Covering a distance of 265 miles, the road trip from Frankfurt to Hohenschangau takes around four hours 20 minutes. There are 91 charging locations throughout this particular route, although the journey itself only requires one charging stop. Included in the highlights you can visit on the way are Wurzburg and Rothenburg.

Bordeaux to Marseille

If you’re looking for a lengthier road trip, the journey form Bordeaux to Marseille is a scenic one that takes just over six hours to complete. Covering a distance of 401 miles, this trip requires two charging stops but there are 115 potential locations to stop at to make the drive easier. The notable highlights you may want to consider visiting throughout this road trip include Garonne, Toulouse and Carcassonne.

Porto to Lisbon

Porto to Lisbon is a relatively short drive at just under three hours, with a distance of 195 miles, so it only requires one charging stop for electric vehicles. The route provides ample opportunity to charge, with 189 locations to choose from, as well as a wide variety of attractions and destinations to explore including Coimbra and Alhandra.

Sevilla to Malaga

At two hours 18 minutes from start to finish, the drive from Sevilla to Malaga is one of the shortest on this list but no less enjoyable. The drive covers a distance of 127 miles and EV drivers will only need to stop once to recharge at one of the 20 charging locations en route. For those looking to explore the region along the way, Osuna and Agadulce are two worthwhile mentions.

Rome to Salerno

Rome to Salerno spans 165 miles and takes two hours 45 minutes to complete. Drivers will need to factor in one stop-off to recharge at one of the 59 possible charging locations, while also taking time to explore the likes of Capua and Caserta during their time here.