10 Reasons to Book a Cruise Right Now

10 Reasons to Book a Cruise Right Now

Travel experts have revealed why vacationers need to book a cruise now or risk missing out.

Luxury cruise specialists Panache Cruises have named the ten reasons why holidaymakers should be booking a cruise immediately regardless of the time of year they intend to travel.

Booking a cruise in advance is one of the best ways to get great deals and waiting can lead to higher-priced holidays or not getting the cabin you were hoping for.

During a cost of living crisis, getting value for money becomes even more important but so is having something to look forward to according to the experts.

James Cole, founder and managing director at Panache Cruises said: “Whether you are looking for last-minute deals this summer, planning to escape the British winter or thinking ahead to next year, booking your cruise now has many benefits.

“Booking as soon as you are able normally only requires a nominal deposit leaving you time to save while also providing large discounts on the holiday, upgrades and free packages.

“Cruising offers some unique opportunities over other types of holidays such as allowing you to visit multiple destinations on one trip so getting one booked spares the debates and keeps everyone happy.

“What we all need right now is something to look forward to and plan for so committing to renew your vows or celebrate a big life event on the sea gives us something special to have on the horizon.

Panache Cruise's 10 reasons for booking a cruise right now:

1. Great deals to be had

Specialist cruise retailers often have some incredible promotions that you will not find by booking direct with a cruise line or via mainstream travel agents who do not focus purely on the cruise sector. Holidaymakers can benefit from holiday discounts, cabin or suite upgrades, free on-board credit, inclusive shore excursions, unlimited premium beverages and other exclusive offers.

If you book as soon as you find a great deal, you’ll likely pay less than you would if you waited, while having the widest choice of cabins. Cabins with family friendly facilities such as sofa beds and interconnecting doors and balconies often get booked up very fast. Additional discounts can sometimes be found by offering to pay the full balance at the time of booking too.

2. Something to look forward to

A holiday is like an iceberg - the bulk of the excitement and anticipation isn’t, in fact, the holiday itself, it's the hidden excitement that you only get to experience once the holiday is booked.

Booking a holiday in advance frees you up to spend your time planning for and looking forward to the holiday. Immerse yourself in researching each port of call, finding the right excursions and booking the speciality restaurants on-board which suit you best.

3. You can’t pin your holiday down to just one location

The world is a big place and most of us can only scratch the surface of the countries, cultures and experiences it has to offer us. You also might have family or friends that have different preferences to yourself. Booking a cruise that stops at multiple destinations guarantees that everyone can be satisfied with the holiday you have booked.

Every destination offers something different and people within your group can embark on the activities which interest them most during the day and then meet up on the ship for a relaxing dinner, show or spa treatment afterwards. A cruise holiday is hard to beat in terms of choice and flexibility for all the family.

4. You only need a deposit

A big advantage of booking a cruise holiday well in advance is, unlike booking a flight, you only need to pay a small deposit at the time of booking. This gives you months to save up and get excited as the holiday and payment date approaches. Discounts can usually be found when paying the full balance at the time of booking however so don’t forget to discuss this with your specialist cruise agent.

5. Explore somewhere you’ve never imagined visiting

Expedition cruises can take you to places you never thought possible. Booking a cruise with an expedition cruise specialist such as Silversea can take you above the Arctic Circle or around the untamed coastline of Western Australia, leaving you free to start preparing for what you will see and learn when you are there.

6. You or your loved ones dislike flying

Most of us know people who are scared of flying or someone who finds the experience very uncomfortable, whether it is waiting around in airport queues or hours spent thousands of feet in the air confined in a small space.

Wherever you are in the UK you can usually get to a cruise port fairly easily without needing to fly and your holiday starts the moment you step onto the ship. The UK’s main cruise terminals can be found in Southampton, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Harwich and Dover.

7. Plan ahead to avoid the cold weather next winter

Taking the plunge and planning in advance to take you and your family away from the British winter can do wonders for your mood whatever the time of year. Christmas can be a stressful time for many and committing to a winter cruise means that you won’t have much of the Christmas preparation and can avoid the winter blues. The Canary Islands are a popular cruise destination in December.

8. Renew your vows

Renewing your views at sea is a great way to kickstart the renewal of a relationship and the love you feel for your partner. Putting you both in a new environment is the perfect way to start afresh.

Also known as ‘Commitment Ceremonies’, many cruise lines excel at organizing and delivering events in some of the world’s most spectacular locations. You can also invite your friends and family along to share in your special day.

9. There are places you want to visit but not stay

We all have places we would love to visit but wouldn’t want to spend too long there. Cruising allows you to tick off places you have never been to and sights you want to see without paying for separate flights and hotel stays.

Knowing you can return to your cabin after a busy day sightseeing and travel to a new destination while you sleep is a great way to get the new experiences you want and avoid the ones you don’t.

10. Celebrate a big event

As we get older we get less enthusiastic about traditional birthday celebrations and might want to change things up for our next milestone birthday, anniversary or other upcoming celebration.

Knowing you don’t have to plan anything at home or worry about what you might do to mark the occasion frees you up to enjoy the event in the company of family members, lifelong friends and newfound friends on-board.

Find out more about how you can benefit from great deals by booking your cruise right now at https://www.panachecruises.com/