10 Reasons Why Rascal is the Luxury Trip of 2017

10 Reasons Why Rascal is the Luxury Trip of 2017
Available for private charter around the Indonesian Archipelago, here are 10 reasons why everyone should make a Rascal voyage top of their agenda for 2017...

1. The only Phinisi superyacht to have all five cabins above deck, providing an entirely above water accommodation experience. Rascal was designed to emulate a ‘floating Hamptons beach house’. With five spacious double cabins, Rascal can accommodate up to ten adults. All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, 2.3meter high ceilings, outdoor terraces and stunning sea views.

2. Once in a lifetime destinations
Rascal is for those who want to push the boundaries and venture further afield than Bali and Lombok, and just an hour’s flight from Bali takes guests to some of Rascal’s more remote bases. Komodo National Park, last sanctuary for the Komodo dragon and UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the world’s finest destinations for scuba divers, Sumba Island with its local hilltop villages, thatched clan houses and distinctive flora and fauna is a World Wildlife Fund eco region, and Raja Ampat has the most biodiverse marine habitat on earth. Outstanding white-sand beaches and lush volcanic landscapes, the Indonesian archipelago offers the world’s most crystal clear waters and unique local cultures. A voyage on Rascal will go down as the trip of a lifetime.

3. Tailor-made cruising
Rascal operates with just one rule - If coconuts don't grow there, she won’t go there! Each itinerary is bespoke and flexible, enabling guests to design their dream voyage from start to finish. Everyday brings unlimited new possibilities for Rascals, from the soundtracks to the menus. Off-radar island destinations, under surface marine life immersions, on-deck degustation and rooftop midnight stargazing, everything is provided with casual, barefoot freedom and fun.

4. One of the region’s best dive masters
Expert or not, diving and snorkeling is included for all Rascals to be introduced to some of the region’s most undiscovered marine-life. Having held positions at Nihiwatu, today the world’s number one island resort, Amanwana in the Flores Sea and Aman’s luxurious Amanikan cruiser, Rascal Superstar Cruise Director and
Dive Master Garry (Gaz) Phillips comes with an impressive portfolio. With over 3,500 dives under his belt, he is one of Indonesia’s travel and diving elite.

5. A boat for foodies
Dining on board Rascal is an experience of its own, with nutritious food made fresh to order 24-hours a day. The passionately created menus come from The Good Food Brotherhood, the pioneering team behind Bali’s Watercress, Milk and Madu and Shmurger Burger restaurants - renowned for delivering healthful lifestyle-café concepts to the island’s international jet set. The days kick-start with the famous Watercress Bloody Mary, beachfront BBQs are fired up for private cove lunches and dining under the stars at night brings guests fresh seafood catches before a curated collection of fine wine and cheese.

6. Toys!
Rascal both by name and nature – there are endless opportunities for all ages and all abilities to get out on the water. Two speedboat tenders are on hand for thrill seakers to take for a spin, with an inflatable jumbo to be towed behind. SUP Boards, two sea kayaks, fishing and snorkelling equipment Is available for the slower-paced days, where Rascal can drop anchor in a secluded bay to enable guests to explore the countless reefs with paddle in hand.

7. Digital Detox
Take the opportunity to switch off in style. The more remote regions of Komodo and Raja Ampat are the perfect excuse to disconnect from the pressures of corporate life and embrace a full digital detox. Days can go past where no boat crosses Rascal’s path, giving guests a rare feeling that they’re in a world of their own. Soak in the panoramic views, iconic sunsets and peaceful surroundings and save the uploads for later.

8. Laidback luxury
Rascal is a superyacht guests can settle into. Eclectic and chic, with brass hardware, rattan ceilings, crisp white linens and playful nautical touches give cabins with their own individual charm and make the hospitality experience of Rascal feel contemporary, comfortable and homely. Groups of friends, families have complete private charter of Rascal to use how they wish - relax, party or explore.

9. Cocktail menu from Asia’s award-winning mixologists
Sailing wouldn't be complete without sharing a sunset rum cocktail with friends. The team behind Asia’s Number 1 Bar, 28 Hong Kong Street have curated a bespoke Rascal Rum and an exclusive refreshing cocktail menu. From a contemporary twist on the traditional Dark N Stormy, to a tropical Frozen Banana Daiquiri and Painkiller – a reimagined Pina Colada, there’s a drink for everyone to toast with at the end of the long day.

10. Complimentary night for each 3-nights booked! *
To celebrate the launch phase - Rascal is extending a complimentary night for every 3 nights for charters booked between January and June 2017! Enquiries information is below. *Bookings must be made before June 2017 for travel before October 2017

Website: www.rascal-charters.com | Bookings: enquiries@rascal-charters.com Instagram: @Rascal_Charters
Rascal is available for private charter only - each charter is tailor made
Nightly rates start at USD$8,500 (full board) and vary depending on itinerary and season