10 Things Not to Do When Checking a Bag

10 Things Not to Do When Checking a Bag

If you think that you won’t lose your valuable items by checking them in your luggage, then you might be wrong. There are high possibilities of losing them in the check-in process because of various obvious reasons.

Packing bags is definitely not an easy task. Wise travellers, who frequently travel across the globe, know how to pack their bags in a balanced way by making sure they carry all the necessary things required for daily use.

They also know the guidelines of air carriers and the rules these airlines follow in the check-in process.

When you travel by air, you will have to follow the rules and regulations of the airlines; therefore make sure that you abide by it. As per reports are concerned, about 7 percent of the people mishandle their bags out of 1000 passengers.

The data also stated that 97 percent of the lost luggage is recovered by the airline across the world. Experts believe that 81 percent of the mishandled bags are lost because of flight delay issues, 16 percent of the bags are damaged because of various obvious reasons, and 3 percent of the bags are lost or stolen.

If you want to make sure that you abide by the rules and regulations of TSA, then you must follow the ten tips mentioned below to meet all the requirements of the airlines:

  1.   Try not to pack any valuable items in your bag

As per the rules imposed by the TSA, you shouldn’t pack any valuable items such as jewellery or accessories in your luggage.

If you have packed them in your bag, then you should inform the airline attendants or the security personnel while you are checking in.

It’s better to remove these valuable items and keep it safe with you, rather than putting them in the luggage.

  1.   Follow TSA’s prohibited items list to ensure that you don’t pack any restricted items –

All the fireworks and flammable items should not be packed in your bag under any circumstances. These are prohibited in the list prepared by TSA.

Not only flammable items but any kind of batteries are also not allowed to carry as per the list.

If you are carrying a camera, and it requires these lithium-ion batteries, then you must take the cells out of the camera and carry it in your handbag.

You can check the TSA’s guidelines to ensure that you follow each and every instruction.

  1.   Don’t use random locks; use the ones approved by the TSA.

If you are locking your luggage, then don’t use the local or the ones that are not approved by the TSA to lock your suitcases or bags.

It’s quite too simple for the security personnel to stop you and ask to take the lockout of the bag and disperse it.

Your bag will not be allowed to check-in unless you are using a lock that is approved by the TSA. You can also check the list of locks permitted by the TSA on the official website.

Although, it’s essential to follow the rules of TSA; however, it’s equivalently important to follow the rules of the airline in which you are traveling.

For example, if you are traveling in United Airlines flight, you will have to check the procedures and United airlines flight reservations rules and regulations list to ensure that you meet all the requirements while checking in your bag. For 24/7 assistance on air travel, hassle-free air booking, getting help on airlines’ policies, rules and regulations, one can visit Faremart.com which provides satisfactory Air Travel services to the travelers.

  1.   Don’t forget to check your luggage properly-

It’s always better to do a third-eye check always on all the items that you have packed in your bag to ensure that you haven’t missed packing any items.

It’s better not to keep any loose ends while packing your bag. Make sure to check all the sections and pockets present in your bag and ensure that it’s properly sealed or zipped. Make sure that nothing is hanging out of the bag,

  1.   Try to avoid connecting flights

There are high chances that you might lose your bag if you are travelling in connecting flights. The officials usually mess it up while shifting the bags from one plane to another.

This causes a lot of trouble to the passengers, and he or she ends up losing his or her luggage. Therefore, it’s better to avoid these connecting flights and often feasible to opt for direct flights.

  1.   Don’t carry any liquid items in the bags

You have to be careful enough if you are carrying liquid items such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or any other items in your baggage.

Usually, most of the airlines allow maximum 3-4 ounces of liquid items to carry in your bag.

Hence, make sure to carry one bottle of each to meet the guidelines of the airlines.

  1.   Try to mark your bags and start your travel

It’s quite uncommon for the people to pick a wrong bag or suitcase accidentally at the luggage claim section.

You can avoid these possibilities of your bag getting picked by the wrong person by attaching any colour of ribbon on your baggage.

This becomes easy for the other person to identify that this is not their bag, and they don’t end up grabbing it.

You can also use a vibrant colour or any other patterned exteriors to ensure that your bag looks different from others and you can also quickly identify which one is your bag.

  1.   Don’t overpack your bags

Experts and frequent travelers often suggest that overpacking your bags is also cause a lot of trouble for you in the airport.

It not only troubles you to carry them to the airport, but also there are high possibilities that you exceed the limit set by the airport authorities with a margin for which you will have to compensate.

It also doesn’t look good for you to take things out of your bag in the airport or stand in a queue to pay for the extra amount of weight that you are carrying.

Therefore, try to wisely pack your bags and make sure it's about 2 to 3 odd kilos lesser than the weight set by the airline authorities.

  1.   Try to avoid gate-checking your bag if you think it can fit in the plane-

Although it’s free for you to check-in the bag when the plane doesn’t have an overhead space to store your luggage, it’s better for you to keep it at the gate-check to avoid any further complications on the plane while you are flying.

Small bags can fit in the overhead space or under your seat easily. Therefore, you can carry it easily in the aircraft.

  1.   Try not to pack all the clothes in your bag –

You can pack all the clothes in your baggage that you are checking in; however, it is advised that you pack specific pair of clothes, inner garments, and socks in your handbag that you are carrying so that you can use it if you lose your luggage or misplace it.

Final Words

Above listed are some of the best hacks and tips that you can implement it in your travel plan strategy so that you have a comfortable flight and avoid any such complications related to luggage.

It’s better to take precautionary measures while packing your bag; hence, chalk out a plan of action before actually packing your bags.

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