10 Things You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles Street Art

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles Street Art
But street art is in a league of it's own. Here are 10 interesting facts about LA street art:

Some street art is so big it can be seen from a few blocks away while some pieces of work are so small, you can't see them until someone points them out to you.

Most street art is done illegally because the artists have not gotten permission to install it.

Although most of the street art is illegal, art conservators often look out for the street art to make sure that it is not taken down or vandalized.

LA street art is considered to be part of the city's cultural history and identity.

For the past 10 years, there was a city ban on public murals that was lifted just last year.

Many museums, including MOCA, have had exhibits displaying local street art.

Most street art remains anonymous because the artists care more about the message than getting credit for a job well done.

Street art is considered to be part LA's cultural history and identity.

All street art has a story behind it and is a way for artists to connect and interact with people.

Famous artists, such as Shepard Fairey who created the well-known 2008 Barack Obama “Hope” campaign poster, have installed street art all around LA.

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