11 Great Gifts That Will Make Your Vacation a Dream Getaway

11 Great Gifts That Will Make Your Vacation a Dream Getaway

For some, the idea of a holiday in 2021 is more than just a dream, it’s a full-blown necessity. While it’s true that many have reservations about planning a trip, abroad or within the borders of the country you live in, it’s also very evident that after 18 months of living in truly awful situations, many are craving a break from reality.

Depending on the COVID restrictions in your locality, a vacation may be impacted a great deal but that doesn’t mean that a holiday is out of the question. Indeed national tourism is very much on the increase as traveling overseas has been very restricted over the past year and a half.

Domestic tourism is a great option for many and there are plenty of great locations to visit that don’t require you to board a plane. Either way, wherever you may be heading to there are a number of great gifts and gadgets you can get to help make your vacation even better.

Here is a selection of the best around.

Portable Charger

Let’s be honest even when you are trying to take a break from life you still want to be able to access your devices and that means having a good portable charging device and this is all the more relevant for those who like to vacation in the great outdoors.

Flatpak Toiletry Bottles

There is a desire to have all the relevant toiletries you might need, in the form of plastic miniature bottles but this isn’t environmentally friendly and also doesn’t usually work from a consumption perspective. Why not invest in some flatpak bottles that have more storage and can be reused.

Anniversary Vacation

Perhaps your first trip since the pandemic is that long awaited anniversary trip, or maybe even a delayed honeymoon. Either way the gift of an initial necklace, that can either signify your loved one or even the place you met, is a great one that will be gladly received.

Cool Leather Passport Holder

This is one of the items that is 50% decorative and 50% functional. A nice leather passport holder, especially for those who travel a lot, is a nice touch. These are particularly useful as they can also help store additional bits of paperwork more effectively, like boarding passes and E-tickets.

Portable Luggage Scale

This is a nice bit of kit that can help you steer clear of the additional costs associated with going overweight with your luggage. These are easy to pack away and can come in very handy before you travel to the airport and therefore help you avoid the embarrassment of having to move your items around in the airport.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

These are one of those items that seem an extravagance until you finally try a pair and then realize what a dream they are to own. Specifically they are great for flights as they are ideal for keeping your focus off the residual noises of the cabin and they are particularly good for those who are not great at flying as they help keep you calm.

A Stylish Pair of Compression Socks

Much like the idea of noise-canceling headphones, compression socks only become a must-have item once you’ve tried them. These can take a lot of the pain, quite literally, from your traveling experience and while a lot of compression socks come in very basic colors and styles, you can look to make an impression with a stylish pair or two.

Travel Scratch Map

These have become very popular of late, perhaps due to the fact that many of us have been stuck at home for too long. Why not mark all the great places you’ve visited and while doing so you are sure to get that travel bug once again as you plan your next wonderful vacation.


If you are traveling alone and your trip involves a lot of waiting and moving from place to place, then having something to read can be a very lifesaver. Clearly taking physical books on a trip isn’t really going to work, so get yourself a good E-reading device and stock up on some great reading material. All of which won’t add undue weight to your suitcase or carry-on.

Jewelry Organizer

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you need to slum it. If you want to look your best then you are no doubt bringing along a bank of accessories and you’ll need an item that helps you store and collect these items in a fashionable and organized fashion. Therefore a jewelry organizer, which can easily be slipped into your carry-on luggage, will mean you are never far away from a great necklace or an earring or two.

Infinity Scarf With Built In Pocket

Another item that blurs the lines between form and function. A nice infinity scarf will keep you warm on your flight and can be a stylish addition to your traveling wardrobe and there are specific styles that also include a hidden pocket where you can store valuables or things you want to have at hand without having to delve into your overly packed suitcase.