15 Things To Do in London

15 Things To Do in London

First trip to London? See where to stay in London guide and find the best hotel deals. Here are 15 great things to do while visiting London:

Get on the London Eye

London Eye, one of the symbols of the city, is a large ferris wheel that allows you to see the city from a bird's eye view. Located on the banks of the River Thames, near Big Ben and the Tower of London, the London Eye is a very popular tourist spot. The Ferris wheel, which is 135 meters high, is used by millions of people every year. If you want to see the River Thames and London from a different perspective, you should definitely go to the London Eye.

Watch a play in the Shakespeare Globe

The Globe Theater was founded by American actor and director Sam Wanamaker. Its founding purpose is to exhibit Shakespeare's work and plays. The plays performed in the theater change from time to time, so I recommend you to follow the web page of the theater for current plays. In addition to the plays, the theater is also open to private tours.

Join the Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill is a colorful district in London, famous for its people, houses, shops and the international festival held every August. If your travel dates are flexible, you can travel according to the festival date. The festival, where hundreds of dancers parade in their original and colorful outfits, is world famous. When you come to the region, you can also see the bookstore and the park where Notting Hill movie is set.

Watch the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament has been held in London since 1877. If you like to play and watch tennis, you can watch the world famous names and their exciting competitions in the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament when you come to London.

Visit the British Museum

London is a city with lots of museums. However, the British Museum is considered to be one of the most famous and important of these museums. But, before you plan your trip to the British museum, make sure you deposit your baggage at a luggage storage London store. For safety reasons, large bags and heavy luggage is not allowed inside the museum. You can see important and original works from almost all over the world in this museum. The museum is quite large and comprehensive. Therefore, it is useful to plan your visit well.

Eat Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is a famous British delicacy served with fried fish and fried potatoes, sometimes with boiled peas. A fish that can be filleted is dipped in a floured sauce and then fried. The most traditional form of the meal, which is wrapped in a newspaper and consumed while standing, has now turned into a flavor you can find in many places, from elegant restaurants to small cafes.

Join the boat tours

As London is a touristic city, transportation routes are varied and fast. Tours called "city cruise" on the River Thames have frequent trips. These tours also allow you to visit popular places by stopping at various points. Even though you will never get off during the trip, you should definitely join the tours organized on the River Thames to see the city from this perspective.

Pour your heart out in Speaker’s Corner.

London is a city with huge green spaces. If you have a bird's eye view of the city, you will see the parks in almost every district. The most famous of these is Hyde Park. You can wander around here, have fun, exercise, relax, feed squirrels (yes, squirrels are human enough to eat food from your hands) or pour out your heart in the famous "Speaker’s Corner".

Enjoy the taste of chocolate at M&M World

If chocolate is your passion, M&M World near Leicester Square is the place for you! When you enter this world of chocolate, you can be enchanted by the smell of chocolate in the air and enjoy the chocolate flowing from the fountains.

Shop on Oxford Street

There are many shops or streets in London for shopping. However, if you want to find famous brands together and shop at an affordable price, I recommend you to go to Oxford Street.

Go to Greenwich

When you come to London, if you have the opportunity to go somewhere outside the city center, you can choose Greenwich. This is the starting point of the universal clock system and where the 0 meridian is located. In a giant park in the region, there are 0 meridians, a palace specially made for the queen, tennis courts, rose gardens, an observatory and a cafe. As a district, Greenwich is a quiet place to visit. You can come here by boat tours on the River Thames or by train from the center.

See Camden Town

Camden Town is an interesting area for those who are interested in alternative options while thinking about what to do in London. It is a place that has become more popular today as it is the birthplace of Amy Winehouse. In Camden Town, which has a unique atmosphere, you can find affordable souvenir shops, shops offering different clothing options and street markets.

Take a break in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar is London's most famous square. Most of the street organizations held in London are held here. It is good to sit on the stairs and watch the street and people here.

Watch the soldiers' changing of the guard ceremony

Buckingham Palace is one of the residences of the British Royal Family. The change of the military guard ceremony held in front of this palace is a symbol of the city and a routine that has become a touristic activity. If you have the opportunity, you can watch this interesting ceremony.

Shop at Borough Market

London is a cosmopolitan city where you can find the world's most famous brands as well as local products. If you want to see traditional London, you can shop at Borough Market. It is certain that shopping enthusiasts who read What to Do in London article will be interested in this market.

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