15 Unique Overnight Stays in Greenland

15 Unique Overnight Stays in Greenland

Greenland, known for its breathtaking icy landscapes and mesmerizing Northern Lights, is now offering travelers an even deeper immersion into its beauty and culture. This newly curated list reveals 15 unique overnight stays that showcase the variety of Arctic seasons.

At Hotel Arctic's new glass Aurora cabins, you can enjoy a panoramic view of northern lights overlooking the drifting icebergs through the Disko Bay. The 7 deluxe cabins are 20m2 and equipped with modern conveniences such as bath, toilet, mini fridge and Wi-Fi. They are available for booking now.

Sarfaq Ittuk's enhanced accommodation: Greenland's local ferry has renovated its lodging experience to provide higher level comfort including the Igloo Suite, perfect for travelers seeking a slow-paced exploration of Greenland's vast coastline. Additionally, Sarfaq Ittuk now offers a comprehensive 14-day journey through the Arctic fjords, allowing you to immerse yourself in vibrant towns and settlements.

If you are seeking an authentic local experience, a stay with a local sheep farmer provides both warmth and insights into Greenlandic life. Each farm offers a distinct glimpse into the Arctic farming life, and your choice will determine the special memories and takeaways from your holiday.

Tanny Por, Head of International Relations at Visit Greenland. says, “Accommodations in Greenland have transformed over the years. We are seeing an increased focus on modern comfort that combines local culture and breathtaking wilderness, blending the best of both worlds for every guest".

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Visit Greenland is the official tourism board of Greenland, responsible for promoting the country as a unique and sustainable travel destination. Their mission is to showcase the extraordinary landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich heritage of Greenland while emphasizing the importance of responsible tourism practices.