3 Best Ways to Explore Singapore like a Crazy Rich Asian

3 Best Ways to Explore Singapore like a Crazy Rich Asian

Do you know a fact about half the adult population of Singaporeans? Well, they make up the world's richest 10%. And the highest-grossing romantic comedy film of this decade got shot in this luxurious city. It is a film adaptation of Kevin Kwan's novel "Crazy Rich Asian." It showcases the culture, foods, and beauty of Singapore through the lens of a young couple. New Yorker Rachel Chu and boyfriend Nick Young who is from a wealthy family in Singapore travel to attend his best friend's wedding in Singapore. Guess what? You, too, can have this lifetime opportunity. By exploring the city in these three iconic spots where some of the scenes in the movie are shot.

Vibrant Street Food at Hawker Food Center

It’s the first eatery the couple set foot on exiting the airport. You, too, can enjoy a meal there once you land. After booking your flight here  https://www.cathaypacific.com/destinations/en_HK/flights-from-hong-kong-to-singapore. You can get seafood noodles, chilly crab, fried chicken rice, and satay. This is food rich in culture. The Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, "Western," and South-Eastern mix of cuisine. The price is unbeatable; at $3, only you get a delicious traditional meal. Not to worry about choosing which vendor to buy from. Join the longest queue the locals have made. And enjoy the best Singaporean throw down.

A Swim at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is the landmark of Singapore City, where Nick and Rachel's engagement party was held. An integrated resort that worth $88 billion. It is the most expensive standalone property in the world. It has an infinity pool that is 150 meters long. That is open to hotel guests only. Now that's a backdrop worth an Instagram photo, which is worth competing with those taken by professional photographers. The room’s rates start in the hundreds for a night at this Crazy Rich Asian hotel. But you can buy a ticket for just $20 to the observation deck on the 57th floor. There you will have a full view of the city while you enjoy a glass of wine at the same price.

Walk in the Gardens by the Bay

The wedding reception scene is in this garden at the heart of the city. You must visit this green oasis that sits on land reclaimed from the sea. It contains super trees that light up at night on two set times. And provide shade from the sun in the daytime. Accessing the grounds is free, but at a small fee, you will explore the domes: the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome is the world's largest greenhouse recorded in the Guinness Book of Record.

Once you checked off the three tourist spots. It is official now. You are a Crazy Rich Asian too! Just book your flight here https://www.cathaypacific.com/destinations/en_HK/flights-from-hong-kong-to-singapore. Enjoy local food, take a dip in the infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands and finish with a walk in the gardens by the bay where an explosion of music and sound happens each night.