3 Exhilarating Workout Ideas for Women Who Hate the Gym

3 Exhilarating Workout Ideas for Women Who Hate the Gym

Let's face it: the gym is not for everyone. Whether it is the monotony of running and not getting anywhere or sometimes you have to wait for the machine you want, sometimes you just want something more adventurous, more extreme, more outdoorsy. Here are great workout ideas to get your heart rate up, your blood pumping without needing to step foot in a gym.

Fulfill a Childhood Fantasy

Admit it, when you were a child you dreamed of being a mermaid. Well, now you can be. Thanks to several different companies selling mermaid tails and schools offering lessons, either in person or via video, you can now live-out this childhood dream.

This intense aquatic workout is like swimming but dialed up to 11. Just like swimming it still uses your main muscle groups, meaning it is a great all-over workout. However, since you are rolling your body to move through the water, your core gets a ton of focus.

And even though it is great for cardio and core training, thanks to all the resistance from the water, it is still really low impact. This means people who are prone to joint pain can easily partake without fear. Plus, it is great for your heart, lungs, and increases your flexibility.

Switch Up Your Running Routine

If you are runner and want to up your calorie burn without adding extra time to your run, why not think about trail running? The uneven ground and changes in incline mean runners need to constantly be adjusting as they find their footing and keep their balance.

And while it might seem counter intuitive, trail running can actually decrease your chance for injury. Since trails tend to be softer than asphalt, it means you aren't pounding your feet on a super hard surface. Plus, thanks to the ever-changing gradient, you are building stronger, more capable leg muscles.

Plus, since you are running in nature, you also get the mental benefits from that. Trail runners tend to slow down a little, focus more on the run and less on the time. This can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall impact of the workout.

Hit the Water

Kayaking can be another great workout idea if you like to play in the water. While it mainly focuses on the upper body, thanks to all that paddling, it can also be a really great workout for your core muscles too.

And like most water-based workouts, it is a fairly low impact form of exercise. This makes it perfect for people who suffer from joint ailments. One thing to take into consideration, however, is if you will be able to get back in the boat if you fall out.

The other consideration when taking up kayaking is the fact that you will need a boat. So, make sure you have access to a good kayak buying guide to make sure you are getting the proper boat for your height and weight.

Workout Ideas That Don't Need a Gym

These are just three of the many workout ideas which don't require a gym or membership. There are plenty more from weekly dance parties with your friends to joining a bowling team. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you are having fun and doing something you love.