3 Reasons to Visit India This Winter

3 Reasons to Visit India This Winter

With astounding topographical diversity, travelers can find the best of both worlds during a winter trip to India.

Looking for a quintessential cold-weather winter trip? Snow and adventure sports create a lively winter wonderland in Shimla, Sikkim, and Manali. In the country’s south, typical exceedingly warm temperatures average out to a pleasant and mild heat that allows for ease of exploration. In India, winter is often regarded as the “Pink” of the seasons, with pleasant weather conditions bringing snow to the mountains, fog to the plains, sunshine on the beaches, and a comfortable mist to the lush greenery.

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3 Reasons to Visit India This Winter:

1. Holi (March 7-8, 2023) – Also known as the Festival of Colors, Festival of Spring, and Festival of Love, Holi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated widely across India. With religious rituals, water balloons filled with bright colors, and spirited music, family and friends alike come together to celebrate the arrival of spring and the blossoming of love.

Stay at The Leela Palace New Delhi for the penultimate Holi experience. This magnificent, modern palace reflects the city’s multifaceted heritage. Guests luxuriate in exquisitely designed spaces, impeccable cuisine, wellness programs, and ceremonial rituals that allow guests to celebrate or observe the joyous Holi through an upscale and authentic Indian lens.

2. Jaipur Literature Festival (January 19-23, 2023) – Described as “The Greatest Literary Show on Earth,” the Jaipur Literature Festival brings together a mix of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers to engage in thoughtful debates and dialogue.

Stay at The Leela Palace Jaipur to experience the history, culture, and energy of the Pink City from this luxury palace. With over eight acres of landscaped gardens and a location central to the city’s most coveted destinations, a stay at The Leela Jaipur combines contemporary comfort, traditional extravagance, and timeless culture for a most memorable experience.

3. India Art Fair (February 9-12, 2023) – India Art Fair is the leading platform for both modern and contemporary art in South Asia and serves as a unique insight into the cultural scene. Bringing together galleries, artists, foundations, collectives, museums, and afficionados, India Art Fair promotes engagement across the art community in innovative ways.

Stay at The Leela Palace New Delhi, India Art Fair’s lounge hospitality partner for 2023. The Leela’s commitment to showcasing Indian art and artists make this the perfect partnership and accommodation choice for those looking for fully immerse themselves in the South Asian art scene.

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