30 Things You Must Pack for a Beach Vacation

30 Things You Must Pack for a Beach Vacation

Isn't it funny, how the thought of vacation lifts up our spirit? Ever since the pandemic hit our lives, we've all been craving for a getaway.

We know you're super excited to hit the warm beach sand. Did you pack your favorite sunglasses, the sun hat? And a beach mat?

Just so you don't miss packing these and some other indispensable items, we have drawn up a checklist of our favorite beach vacay essentials.

  1. Swimsuit

The home work-out during the lockdown was of course for the beach body, right? Now you get to show-off in your favorite Bydee bikinis or bathing suit. Make sure your swim-suit is culturally appropriate.

California-based swimwear brand SwimSpot offers flattering, modest swimsuits if you ever need one for your travel destination. It’s always good to pack several swimsuits with different designs, including a modest one, so you’re ready for any situation.

  1. Sarong

A sarong or some other swim cover-up comes in handy, in case you need to walk to nearby shacks at the beach. Usually, this is the one thing people realize they need most, only once they are at the beach.

  1. Flip-flops

Flip-flops are indispensable for a beach holiday. Although everyone loves to walk on the sand barefoot, you really need the flip-flops once the sand starts giving you the itches.

  1. Beach Mat

It is very difficult to find a quiet comfortable spot at the beach. If you do manage to spot one, inevitably, there will be no lounger around. So, our beach-hack is to always keep a sand-resistant beach-mat in your beach bag. Just spread it out and lounge away, anywhere you wish!

  1. Sunglasses

Can you ever imagine a vacation without sunglasses? We can't. Beach holidays are not an exception. Sunglasses will save your eyes from the scorching sunlight and harmful UV rays. Check out some chic sunglasses and other Gucci accessories at ModeSens.

  1. Sunhat

Hats will always be on the high-street fashion bulletin. The classic wide-brim packable sun hat looks exceptionally glamorous with a two-piece swimsuit.

  1. Change of clothes

Depending on where you are headed after the sunbath, you can pack a casual T-shirt and pair of shorts, or an elegant dress for dinner. Please don't forget to keep a set of spare under garments.

  1. Towel

A good absorbent towel, which is made of quick-drying material like microfiber is a must-have for the beach. Microfiber towels have other advantages too, like being light-weight and sand-resistant.

  1. Beach Bag

You need a bag to keep all the 30-odd beach items together. An ordinary tote bag would probably not fit-in the role as perfectly. Your beach bag should be spacious, preferably with a few compartments. It should be water-proof and sturdy.

  1. Wet Wipes & Tissues

Wipes and tissues are crucial while you are outdoors. We can't start listing all the functional uses here, but of course, you understand they are necessary.

  1. Ocean-safe Sunscreen

Go for chemical-free, bio-degradable and reef-safe sunscreen lotion. Do your bit for the environment by making this sensitive choice.

  1. Toiletries Kit

Apart from the sunscreen, some other toiletries must be packed in your beach-bag. Stash in a bathing soap, shampoo, conditioner, lip-balm, hairbrush, face-mirror and deodorant.

  1. Bug-spray

Bugs and mosquitoes become a nuisance at the beach around sun-set. Take a bug-spray and stay protected.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

We really don't need to harp on about the need for protection from germs and viruses. Sanitize frequently and stay safe.

  1. Battery back-up

You are going to spend a lot of time clicking envious pictures and posting Instagram stories at the beach. Make sure to bring along a power-bank for charging your phone and other electronics on-the-go.

  1. Water-proof phone cover

There are some cool water-proof covers available in the market. Feel free to carry your phone through splashing water rides and beach activities. You will be able to click some amazing memorable photos.

  1. Wet bag

When there is a bunch of dripping-wet sand-filled clothes you want to bring back from the beach, you would know the wet bag is well-worth. There's an easy hack for wet bags too. Just use a large zip-lock bag!

  1. Disposal Bag

Keep some brown-bag or zip-locks for collecting the thrash. You wouldn't need to walk up the garbage can every-time you want to spit the chewing-gum

  1. Beach Ball

Beach ball, volleyball or football? Pick your sport and have some active time at the beach. These activities are a great way to break some sweat and bond as a group. 

  1. Floats

Choose from fancy duck and unicorn floats, or the simple ones, based on your level of quirk. The inflatable floats fold-in compactly and are quite convenient. Besides, floats are a must, if you are going to the beach with kids.

  1. Snorkeling Kit

You can explore the exquisite underwater marine life with a snorkeling kit. Make sure you read and follow the safety instructions on the kit before you begin exploring.

  1. Ear phones

If you are surrounded by a noisy group at the beach, you can find some solace in listening to music through noise-cancelling earphones.

  1. Your favorite book

When all sources fail to entertain, you can always trust a good book for great company. There is an indescribable pleasure in reading your favorite book under the shade of a beach umbrella, with the sound of waves in the background. Sheer bliss!

  1. Snacks and Munchies

If you're spending more than a couple hours at the beach, pack a snack or a beach-picnic if you are going as a large group. For the calorie conscious, we advise to bring along some healthy cookies and protein bars.

  1. Water Bottle

To save yourself from a fate befitting the ancient mariner, carry your drink of choice in a water-bottle. And to save yourself from unwanted calories from sweetened drinks, keep the choice of drink - "plain water".

  1. Comfortable Footwear

You may plan to explore the beach, and venture beyond sand over to rocks and boulders. In that case, flip-flops will not be suitable for the slippery surfaces. You should keep comfortable water-proof anti-skid shoes ready for the adventure.

  1. Camera & Selfie-stick

If you are inclined towards photography, you must try your skills at capturing the perfect sun-set with a high-definition camera. If you want to click amazing wide-angle selfies at the beach, get a selfie-stick too.

  1. Flash Light

Carry a flash-light for your safety, especially if you plan to go for a late night stroll.

  1. Beach Umbrella or Beach Shelter

Planning on spending a whole day at the beach? If you can't fit in a beach umbrella or shelter in your luggage, you can always rent one locally.

  1. Rash Guard / Wet suit Top

A rash guard can protect you from scratches and rashes from beach activities, and it also guards from UV rays.