365 Reasons to Choose Antigua and Barbuda

365 Reasons to Choose Antigua and Barbuda

The dreamy island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is known for having a beach for every day of the year. But if 365 reasons weren’t enough to give this Eastern Caribbean paradise a second look, here’s one more reason why: Antigua and Barbuda has one the most straightforward and simple citizenship by investment plans in the entire Caribbean.

With average temperatures comfortably in the mid-high 20s °C to low 30s °C year-round, the stable, sunny climate has made these islands a draw for those looking for a more relaxed experience. Unlike some other Caribbean destinations, Antigua and Barbuda are quieter—catering to a different kind of traveler who is looking for a more refined vacation. In recent years, several luxury resorts have opened on the island of Antigua, in particular, lending an exclusive feel to this largely undiscovered destination.

That same exclusivity also makes Antigua and Barbuda attractive to those who are interested in investment opportunities in resort developments, real estate, or other government-sanctioned infrastructure projects.

Citizenship by investment is becoming increasingly more popular for those who consider freedom to be the ultimate luxury. Not all passports are created equally—the travel restrictions and visa-requirements for individual countries can be complicated at the best of times, let alone in the context of COVID-19. For those who are looking for more freedom to travel, citizenship by investment often offers that flexibility.

Beyond visa-free access, having a second citizenship offers many other benefits such as access to education opportunities—Antigua and Barbuda is home to American University of Antigua College of Medicine, a well-regarded medical school—not to mention access to healthcare. In 1998, Antigua and Barbuda adopted a national mandate to become the pre-eminent healthcare destination in the Caribbean and has built the most technologically advanced hospital, Mt. St. John Medical Centre, as a result.

From a business perspective, the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda offer lucrative investment opportunities for a range of projects. Because of their exclusivity, there is plenty of potential for interested investors to get in early and make a substantial profit. The government of Antigua and Barbuda is actively seeking foreign investment to strengthen and build the economy which makes for a welcoming business environment. And, easy access to daily flights from a variety of international destinations means that if you build it, they can come.

In the age of COIVD-19, smaller countries like Antigua and Barbuda have been viewed favorably for their quick response and low case numbers (there were just 26 cases in Antigua and Barbuda). For residents—or passport holders—this position also has many potential benefits.

Travelers are looking for destinations with relatively low numbers when borders are open and international travel is once again an option. Antigua and Barbuda is viewed as safe because of its low number of cases and quick response, but also because of its smaller crowds where there is potentially less chance of community spread.

For residents, low infection numbers mean life has remained relatively “normal” on the islands. But as the world begins to open up once again, it also means that passport holders from nations with small numbers of cases like Antigua and Barbuda could enjoy more freedom to travel with fewer restrictions.

Plus, if the second wave does arrive, what better place to spend each day than exploring a different beach tucked away in your own tropical hideaway?

Article by MOE Alhaj, CEO of Migrate World, a company that focuses on Citizenship by Investment and Residency.