4 Best Post-Pandemic Travel Destinations for Solo and Group Travels

4 Best Post-Pandemic Travel Destinations for Solo and Group Travels

The COVID-19 pandemic brought life to a halt for people all around the world. For some, this has meant that they have been stuck in their homes or hometowns for over a year. For intrepid travelers, it has meant an end to a pastime that is usually filled with excitement and adventure.

Luckily, however, the COVID-19 vaccine is now available. Once people have been inoculated and the virus begins to subside, it will start to be safe to travel again. Based on data and recent trends, research experts at McKinsey believe that life will return close to normal in the US by the end of the second quarter (with life in Canada, Europe, and beyond arriving just a little bit later)—which means it's almost time of you to start planning your next trip away from your home.

If you are traveling with a group or a solo traveler on your own, read on. These incredible destinations will feed your need for adventure, help you relax and unwind after several stressful, scary years, and help you make new memories—for you to look back on fondly or to share regularly with people you love.

Costa Rica

One of the coolest things about Costa Rica is that it has a little something for everyone: cities, gorgeous beaches, mountains, and even rainforest. So, if you want a varied landscape where you can do some relaxing on the beach, explore several cultural spots, then venture out in the depths of the jungle, you should consider heading to Costa Rica. Costa Rica has national parks where you can go camping. So, consider heading to this country on the Pacific Coast in Central America if you want some rugged exploration time.

Costa Rica is a really great spot for group trips because its offerings are so wide and varied, and you can make sure that everyone included in the group ends up happy with at least part of (if not all of) the experience. If you are traveling solo, consider a 5-star luxury resort to unwind, or going on a guided group tour to experience more of this country's wilderness.


Grenada is a small island in the Caribbean sea, and if you're looking for an island that offers peaceful, remote beach getaways, this is your place. Grenada is a good spot whether you're looking for a group trip with friends, or whether you want some solo time to unwind. It's also a good honeymoon destination.

One of the best destinations in Grenada is Sandals Grenada, where you can take advantage of vacation packages in Grenada that include your lodging, all your food and beverages, water sports, and more.

Sandals Grenada is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so it offers a stunning, unique coastal getaway that is quiet, peaceful, and rejuvenating.

Sandals resorts are adults-only—so come here if you're looking for romance or a fun friends getaway where you want to leave the little ones at home. There are more adult-friendly activities on Grenada that will keep everyone having fun, like tasting the 150-proof rum that is made at the River Antoine's Distillery located on the island.


Jamaica has a little something for everyone, whether you're traveling as a group or you're an individual looking to get away. Of course, Jamaica is famous for its beach resorts with white sand beaches on the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica also has great spots for those who are more adventurous and looking for outdoor activities when they're away.

One of the most fun things to include in your Jamaica itinerary is cliff-jumping in Negril: climb to the top of a high rocky outpost—then jump! You'll feel exhilarated both in the air and when you're cooled by the clear water below.


Not looking for a beach vacation, but want to be stimulated by a culture that's brand new to you (and also incredibly friendly and welcoming)? It's time to head to Ireland!

Ireland is a gorgeous European country that's relatively close to the US, so the travel is manageable. The big cities in Ireland, like Dublin, are filled with eateries, bars, museums, and other cultural destinations. The more rural parts of Ireland are gorgeous and green, and they'll make you feel worlds away from home.

Whether you're a solo traveler or going as a group, you'll love the chance to see sights like the Cliffs of Moher—dramatic cliffside destination in County Clare that offers sweeping views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

If you're feeling ready to travel, book your next vacation for a couple of months of now—then start to think about what you'll pack in your bags. Whether you end up at a Sandals Resort in Canada or camping in a national park in Costa Rica, there is surely a travel destination that will meet your needs and help you experience the life you've been missing out on since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Happy adventuring!