4 New Swiss Experiences for Travelers This Summer

4 New Swiss Experiences for Travelers This Summer

With international travel between the US and Europe hopefully opening up soon, here are a number of fabulous new summer experiences the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa will be offering as part of their brand-new Moving Mountains wellness initiative:

Mountain Lake Bathing - Hotel guests can enjoy an ice bath in cold spring water to promote circulation and strengthen their immune systems. Following their plunge, travelers are treated to a relaxing picnic surrounded by Alpine roses and a view of the valley below.

Graubünden Wine Tasting - Travelers can experience a private tasting of any of the 42 grape varieties found in the Bündner Herrschaft region, a small but mighty wine-growing area in Switzerland, with the hotel’s expert sommelier. Guests are also provided their very own aroma kits to enhance their tasting and enjoy the special profiles of Swiss wines.

Forest Bathing - Guided by the Tschuggen Grand’s on-site yoga teacher, guests are taken on a hike off the beaten track to experience the silence of the forest all around them. Also known as shinrin yoku in Japanese, forest bathing is known to reduce stress and quiet the mind, ensuring that explorers leave the wilderness feeling relaxed and revived.

Paddle Boarding on Lake Obersee - Travelers are invited to learn to paddle board with this fun new experience, where they will be guided around Lake Obersee to see Arosa from the water. Following their time on the lake, guests will enjoy a private picnic on the shoreline with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

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