4 Reasons Why Indonesia Is Your Next Luxury Yachting Destination

4 Reasons Why Indonesia Is Your Next Luxury Yachting Destination

There are only a few natural wonders left on this planet that truly leave a lasting impression on those daring enough to seek them, and Indonesia is one such luxury destination.

Quickly emerging on the worlds stage as an active player in luxury yachting world, cruising the enchanting Indonesian Archipelago promises to delight those who wish to have an unparalleled adventure cruising and sailing these exotic seas without sacrifices stylish comfort and luxury accommodations.

A Luxury Yacht Charter in Indonesia is like a travel back in time: a return to classical sailing, giving one a feeling of real adventure while enjoying superior facilities and services.

Komodo National park and Raja Ampat are two of the major destinations available to guests journeying to Indonesia.

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Here are 4 reasons why cruising Indonesia is your ideal luxury destination:

1.  Unexpected Luxury on a Traditional Phinisi Yacht

With just under 1,800 islands scattered large and small across the equator, Indonesia has long been revolutionizing the art of seafaring and boat building.

Within the last several centuries, as sea trade and ports became established and human and cultural connections were made, the sprawling Indonesian Archipelago became known as a diverse cultural paradise, on land and sea.

This legacy lives through the traditional art of boat building. Recently names as a UNESCO intangible heritage site, Indonesia Phinisi’s preserve and pass down an invaluable part of history.

Of course, sea-fearing and trade routes have become less and less relevant in recent times, but despite this— When you cruise Indonesia with Barefoot Yachts, privileged guests have the unique opportunity to cruise one of these traditional Phinisi yachts.

More and more of these gorgeous vessels have been converted and built for the purpose of luxury liveaboards, outfitted with 5-star hotel-grade luxury accommodations and comforts, providing exclusive and extraordinary experiences on the Indonesian archipelago.

Ranging from a boutique 20 meters to an impressive 34 meters, these unique vessels feature gorgeous saloons crafted from locally sourced tropical hardwoods, open kitchen layouts, one or two sundecks, spacious cabins and so many other features.

Indonesia sailing

2.  Restful and Restorative Active Holiday

A luxury cruising experience on a Phinisi Liveaboard has it all: adventure and relaxation. An excursion with your chosen yacht offers a wide variety of activities.

Fulfill your yearning for exploration and chart new waters while sailing from island to island. Relax, breath and practice your yoga sequence on the wide-open sundeck on a masterfully crafted vessel.

And, of course, a distinct highlight of these trips is they are outfitted for diving, snorkeling most water sports in between—allowing you to explore the beauty of one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems below the surface.

You can choose to sail in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is a cluster of over two dozen islands, all gleaming with incredible experiences both above and below the surface. There you find not only the famed and ancient Komodo dragon, but there are incredible highlights such as a blush pink beach, stunning viewpoints and large groups of manta rays.

Or you can choose to venture to Raja Ampat: a land that time truly forgot. Paddleboard through mangroves, explore prehistoric caves and take the chance to journey on shore for unforgettable encounters.

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3.  Stunning Bio-Diversity

Komodo Yacht charters  are one of most requested boat charter destinations in Indonesia. Not only can you find the largest living lizards on Earth, the Komodo Dragon, but the rich and varying land and seascapes that transport you to a land before time. Snorkeling with Manta Rays, admiring thousands of fruit bat ascent for their nightlight hunt or hiking Padar island in the morning for breathtaking views are just some of the highlights Komodo National park has to offer.

A Raja Ampat Cruise brings you to one of the most biodiverse places on Earth in the east of the Indonesian Archipelago. Unspoilt, remote and packed with life: Welcome to one of the most extraordinary environments on the planet. Raja Ampat, or “four kings” lies on the eastern end of Indonesia, in the West Papua province.

This archipelago consists of over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands: Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. On land, the islands’ cultural heritage is very diverse. You will get to know prehistoric cave paintings and relics as well as cave bunkers and a seabed wreckage from World War II. Visitors can trek through the lush jungle, hike to breathtaking view points, learn about traditional kampung life in local villages and visit sea turtle sanctuaries and pearl farms.

Explore the coastal mangrove forests on a sea kayak or simply snorkel in one of the shallow crystal-clear waters of the lagoons. The Raja Ampat archipelago is habitat to the largest number of freshwater bird species in the region. Those include hornbills, parrots, lorikeets, marbled frogmouths and the famous Birds of Paradise.

Besides Komodo and Raja Ampat, the Indonesian Archipelago offers many other remote cruising areas such as Sumbawa, Alor, West Papua and the Moluccas.

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4.  Off The Beaten Track of Tourism

Cruising Indonesia give you the special privilege of experiencing your luxury holiday outside of the cookie-cutter norm. Cruising with a yacht in Barefoot’s fleet also supports our eco-conscious world.

Take a step far from the beaten path of overcrowded beaches and manufactured souvenirs and enjoy what a true luxury holiday is meant to be. Just make sure you’re fully prepared for experiencing life off the tourist track and have all the essentials, things such as travel insurance and from specialists such as All Clear, important ID documents and any important medication.

Barefoot Yachts, Indonesia provides customized and unique itineraries for small groups that want to mix and match their day to day activities. You can even cruise to more remote regions such as Sumbawa, Moyo or even as far as Sulawesi! Sail with Barefoot on one of many traditional Phinisi’s and be sure that your luxury Indonesian cruise will not be easily forgotten.