4 Tips For Booking A Luxury Private Jet Charter

4 Tips For Booking A Luxury Private Jet Charter

When private jets first entered the market, they were reserved for Hollywood stars, C-level executives of international corporations, high-paid athletes, the elite, and people who could afford this luxury. However, with time, more and more people embrace private jets due to their comfort, privacy, luxury, and convenience.

However, this hasn't taken away the brand of luxury associated with chartering a private jet. There's a misconception going around in the world today that you can fly in a private plane on a budget. This isn't true. It beats the entire essence of luxury. If you want to fly private, you must pay for whatever costs are involved. Secondly, private jets differ depending on their features, services, and the overall experience that makes them prestigious. Thus, to experience the pinnacle of luxury in the skies, the cheaper ones may not always be your best bet.

This article will give you tips on navigating the process of chartering a luxury private jet. Keep reading to learn more.

Tips for Booking a Luxury Private Jet

Booking yourself a private jet luxury is quite simple. However, if it's your first time, the process can be pretty confusing. These four tips will help you navigate the process with ease and help you select the best possible luxury private jet charter services.

  1. Research On The Available Luxury Private Jet Charter Services

As more people are warming up to the idea of a luxury private jet charter, there has been an influx in the number of companies offering this service. Unfortunately, however, scammers or companies pretending to offer such has also increased. That's why you have to conduct thorough research before deciding which company to use when booking your private flight.

Most legitimate companies have websites and social media pages to advertise their private jet chartering service. Their marketing channels can be a good place to start with your research. You can further look into their customer reviews or comments under their posts. Look at what their customers are saying. If they're endorsing the services, you may want to add that company to the list of companies you may consider.

Alternatively, you can ask your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues about their private jet charter experience and recommendations. Consulting people who have previously used this type of service is the best way to get raw feedback because they have no stake at the company; hence they're likely to tell you if the services they received were good or bad without bias or self-interest.

Last but not least, when researching, consider using companies that have brokers or influencers. Most of the companies that use brokers are usually credited, and hence they reduce the likelihood of being scammed.

  1. Call The Company

The purpose of researching is to make a list from which you will choose which jet chartering service to use. One of the best approaches to narrowing down your options is calling them.

Why call when you can easily send a chat or email to communicate? Well, for starters, a stylish-looking website and branded social media pages aren't enough to guarantee you the best luxury private jet charter. In fact, most underperforming companies put most of their efforts into PR, only to disappoint you in real life.

However, when you call, that's your first-hand experience with the company's services. You can quickly tell if they're experienced in the private jet chartering industry or not from how they handle the call and respond to your inquiries. It's always recommended to avoid new companies even if they're legal. This is because they're likely to miss small yet essential things that contribute to the overall luxurious flying experience.

When you're calling, consider asking about the following:

  • Model, Design, And Style of the Aircraft

As mentioned before, not all private jets are equal. That explains why, although they're all expensive, their prices differ. Since you're looking to enjoy the value of your money, you might as well look for the best services. The best option would be to ask for the most modern private jet. Modernity comes with advanced levels of luxury and style.

  • Services Offered

Additionally, you can ask about the company's customer services. Usually, a luxury private jet charter reservation varies from 24 hours to days. During this time, a reliable company should have at least one person available to answer your questions and swiftly attend to your concerns, if any, before you take the flight.

Moreover, they should be able to assist you with other needs you may have, such as in-catering, chauffeured ground services, hotel reservations, among others.

  • Your Safety

Safety comes in different shapes when it comes to luxury private jet charter. One way to guarantee your safety is to ask about the portfolio of your soon-to-be crew. How experienced are they? According to experts, both pilots are expected to have at least 5,000 hours of flight experience. They should also have attended the simulator-based emergency training in case of any accidents.

Speaking about accidents, some accidents are unavoidable, even with the most robust aviation experience. That's why you need to consider the company's insurance cover. Note that the lightest jets must carry a minimum of USD$50M combined single limit. On the other hand, mid-sized jets should have a USD$50M to USD$100M combined single limit, and heavy jets should have a minimum USD$100M to USD$200M combined single limit. Asking about their coverage should be on top of your list.

  • Luggage Limit

Generally, you're advised to have one average-sized suitcase and a personal bag per passenger. However, you can ask if they allow more luggage if you carry more items.

  1. Always Book Your Private Jet Charter Early

After calling each company on your list and inquiring about their services, decide on one company to use. The next tip is to book your aircraft early.

Booking a luxury private charter isn't always completed in a day. Therefore, if the process takes more than that and you also started the booking process late, you're more likely to delay your plans, if any.

It's also harder to find available private jets during peak season. Booking early helps you avoid the hassle of finding available jets at the last minute and less likely to settle for what is available. Therefore, you won't compromise on your desired luxury, style, comfort, and other things that are the basis of flying a private jet.

All in all, planning ahead and making your reservations beforehand gives you the time, flexibility, and peace of mind to make all the necessary arrangements that will facilitate the success of the luxury private jet charter. To start, you'll require legal documentation to fly.  By booking your flight at least two weeks earlier, you'll have the time to prepare the necessary paperwork.

Additionally, in case you have a change of mind about your preferences for the jet, you have a grace period of two weeks to make your concerns known to the company through the representative assigned to you. The more you consult with your company of choice, the more you build a relationship with them. If their services meet your needs, you're likely to use them for your next private jet charter, making your next booking easier.

  1. Choose Your Airport Wisely

While most people who use luxury private jet charter services prefer to use international airports, other options are arguably better.

The whole point of chartering a private jet is for privacy. Landing at an international airport compromise that luxury. Consult with the company on other smaller airports which offer top-tier experience. Don't be afraid to try something new.

You can also consider airports that are closer to your destination. It reduces the stress of long-distance commuting, which increases your comfort.

Book A Private Jet Today

If you have been wondering where to start with flying private, consider the four tips discussed above. There's only so much time; you might as well enjoy luxury today. All the best in your luxurious flight!