4 Tips For Renting Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

4 Tips For Renting Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

When people think of the perfect beach getaway, a stay in Los Cabos is always on top of the list. Sitting at just 10 meters above sea level, this beach corridor in Baja, California is home to luxury villas, and is one of the most celebrated vacation spots in the world.

The main attraction in Los Cabos is the breathtaking view of the sea. That's why it’s important to get the best accommodation if you want to truly enjoy the place. And, renting luxury villas in Los Cabos is the way to go. By staying in your own villa, you can have the view all to yourself or your family, without putting up with the presence of strangers or other guests in traditional hotels.

Luxury Villas To Check Out In Los Cabos

Before you book or even inquire about the gorgeous accommodations in Los Cabos, such as Come To Cabo Villa Rentals, it’s important to equip yourself with knowledge as to how to go about the process of renting these luxury villas.

Just to give you a taste of what this hotspot has in store for you, here are four of the most popular luxury villas in Los Cabos that any wanderlust or traveler should add to their bucket list:

  • Las Ventanas Al Paraiso

Las Ventanas al ParaĆ­so's beautiful residences are designed for longer stays in Los Cabos. Exceptionally private and spacious, these singular accommodations feature expansive terraces, full kitchens and a host of other luxurious amenities. The expansive villas feature hand-carved furniture and accessories reflective of the vibrant hues of Los Cabos. Each Los Cabos villa boasts a private infinity-edge pool as well as awe-inspiring views of the Sea of Cortez. The hotel's premier Los Cabos accommodation, The Ty Warner Mansion is an exclusive 28,000-square-foot beachfront mansion poised directly on the water's edge with panoramic views over the Sea of Cortez. For longer stays in Los Cabos, private residences offer resort living convenience.

  • Montage Los Cabos' Casas

Boasting three casas sitting against the backdrop of a desert landscape, this resort is known for its fine accommodation. Two of the villas have five bedrooms, while the last one has three. All casas have contemporary Mexican architecture, but each one has different features.

The villas have courtyards, infinity pools, and a breathtaking view of the bay. Every day, a chef will prepare your breakfast. Guests enjoy butler service all day, plus spa and aromatherapy treatments at night.

  • Chileno Bay Resort And Residences

You want to be as close to the sand as possible while you sip margaritas?  This villa was made for you. It has a private beach, and taking a dip in the waves is as easy as taking off your slippers.

The resort uses wood, natural stone, as well as handcrafted furniture and fabrics. It has a roof deck that's perfect for viewing sunsets and stargazing at night.

  • Grand Solmar Land's End Resort And Spa's Penthouse Suites

Well, a penthouse suite may not be your idea of a rental villa. But, this beachfront resort has suites that have all the features you'd expect in a traditional villa. Situated in the penthouse, the suites offer an awesome view of the sea. You get four bedrooms and expansive sitting rooms. Each unit measures more than 6,000 square feet, with fully equipped kitchen and Bulgari amenities.

Insider Tips For Renting Los Cabos Villas

To truly enjoy what you paid for, here are some tips to set you out on an unforgettable vacation in Los Cabos:

  1. Choose The Best Location

When it comes to villa rentals, location is everything. Make sure that you pick a villa that’s easily accessible, whether by car, by foot, or bike. You want to be in a place nearest to the activities you’re interested in.

Do you want to enjoy a bustling night life?  Are you vacationing with young kids?  Maybe, you are in a romantic vacation, so you would opt for more privacy. What you want to do during your vacation will guide you in choosing the best rental villa in Los Cabos.

  • A Word About Local Wildlife

Cabo San Lucas boasts of pristine beaches and well-preserved ecosystems, teeming with local flora and fauna. It is also home to several species of snakes and scorpions. The seas surrounding it are a sanctuary for sea snakes and jelly fish. Always ask your rental villa coordinator about the local wildlife and what you need to do in a far-off chance of an emergency. Also, pay attention to warning signs posted on the beaches and local establishments.

  1. Choose A Villa With Private Chef

Did you know that many rental villas in Cabo San Lucas have their private chefs? Truly, Los Cabos has raised the bar in luxurious vacations. Having a private chef isn’t for bragging rights. It’s actually for making your holiday more convenient since you don’t have to worry about what or where to eat during your stay.

  1. Choose A Villa With All The Basic Amenities

Having a customized spa in your rented villa is truly divine, but it’s not something that you absolutely need. After all, there are many local resorts that offer spa services. However, there are amenities and features that are absolutely non-negotiable. These include:

  • Air conditioning

Even if you don't visit Cabo San Lucas in the summer, you’ll surely need an air conditioner during midday because the temperature can be sweltering.

  • Wi-Fi

You can’t totally cut yourself off from the world while vacationing. You still need to connect with your family and friends, so make sure your villa has Wi-Fi.

  • View of the sea

Los Cabos is known for its breathtaking seascape, so make sure to stay in a rental villa that looks out to the sea.

  1. Choose A Rental Villa Accredited Transportation

Just like any other popular tourist destination around the world, getting around Los Cabos on wheels may not be as easy as hailing a taxicab. For one, most cabs in the area are not metered, and you may have a hard time negotiating your fare.

Make sure that you get a rental villa that provides accredited transportation options. This will not only keep you safe, but it will also prevent misunderstandings with your driver due to language barriers.

There’s a reason why many Hollywood celebrities spend their vacation in Los Cabos. Aside from its breathtaking view and geography, this hotspot in Baja, California offers endless adventure and fun. Be sure to choose the best rental villa with the best location and amenities to make your stay stress-free.

Image credit: Las Ventanas al Paraiso