4 Top Spots To Visit In London

4 Top Spots To Visit In London

One of the most visited places in Europe is London. Each year, it attracts over 27 million visitors from around the world. The city was founded by the Romans and it has thrived through the years. As such, it is not surprising to hear that London is included in the bucket list of many travelers.

Today, London is a diverse city which is filled with rich culture and history. It is England’s smallest city but this is where you will find the ancient community of London. Meanwhile, the city of London has a spacious area which is the home of almost 9 million inhabitants.

Indeed, every district of London has its own unique and recognizable culture. Visitors will enjoy and love the place. In here, you can find the world’s best entertainment, art, dining, shopping, and history. It is impossible that you will go bored in London with so many attractions and activities to do.

Here are some of the best things that you can do and see in London:


In North London, you can find a popular cultural community known as Camden. You can visit this place by subscribing on the tours by local. In here, you can discover the punks and goths. You can also visit various tattoo and piercing shops in Camden.

In its market, you’ll love the food which features international cuisines. There are various stores that offer unique artwork which you can buy and take at home. After shopping, stroll down at the Regent’s Canal and enjoy the environment.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest and most popular park in London. This area has its own historical significance. In the past, the place is where various demonstrations are hosted. This includes the protests done by the Suffragettes.

Today, the Speaker’s Corner in the park is still occupied by the performers, protestors, and debaters each week. The amazing view of the Serpentine will welcome you, which is one of the famous bodies of water. Enjoy the paddle-boating with your friends and loved ones. Meet locals, Spot and take a picture of the swans and fill your lungs with fresh air at the center of the city. Indeed, Hyde Park is a must-visit spot in London.

London Eye

Your trip to London is not complete without visiting the London Eye. The London Eye is a gigantic Ferris wheel which will allow you to see the view across the city. At night time, the wheel is lit up in various colors. This is also the centerpiece of the city during New Year’s fireworks display. You can share the pod with other visitors or have it reserved with your loved ones.


If you wish to visit the political hub of the city, then you can go ahead and check the Westminster. If you are subscribed in the tours by local, then you can have a chance to visit the Westminster. This is the home of the Big Ben and the Houses of the Parliament. Every hour, Big Ben still chimes which can be heard all over the city.

You can also find Westminster Abbey. As you visit these places with the local guide, make sure that you take a rest at Parliament Square. Visit the statues of important people just like Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela and learn important lessons from them.

Image credit: londoneye.com