5 Airports in Europe with Luxurious Lounges

5 Airports in Europe with Luxurious Lounges

Airport lounges are a godsend for travelers. With this facility, you can experience more comfortable seating, better access to customer service reps, and quieter environments as you're waiting for your flight. Airport lounges also offer some of the most appetizing foods.

All airport lounges guarantee comfort, but not all are created equal — some offer more luxury services, breathtaking views, and unique design flairs. If you often travel around Europe, this article is for you. We've compiled some of the most luxurious lounges on the continent!

  • British Airways' Concorde Room

When it comes to luxurious lounges, British Airlines always tops the list. This airline offers eight lounges at the London Heathrow Airport. All of these lounges combine functionality and comfort, helping travelers set the mood for their trip.

Out of all British Airlines' lounges at the London Heathrow Airport, the Concorde Room is the most popular. Located in Terminal 5, this lounge is available for First Class passengers booked for long-haul flights. Your experience here will surely be one for the books as you can dine in private booths and have access to full waiter services.

Want to work while waiting for your flight? British Airlines' Concorde Room has got you covered. Here, you'll have access to a business suite where you can use computers, printers, and a 40-inch LCD screen. Have questions about the British Airways flight delay compensation? Reach out to a rep as you're lounging in one of their cabana rooms.

  • Air France L'Espace Premiere Lounge

Are you looking for the most modern airport lounge in Europe? Do you want to relish one of the world's best airport lounges? If you answered "yes," then make sure that your next flight leaves from the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, as this is where the Air France L'Espace Premiere Lounge is located.

The Air France L'Espace Premiere Lounge is an exclusive airport lounge that only has 37 seats. Some of the best features of this lounge are its spa, complete with shower facilities and massage services. These will surely help you de-stress after a long flight.

To ensure the best experience, the Air France L'Espace Premiere Lounge also offers personal assistants to passengers. So if you have any inquiries about the airlines — updates about your flights or the menu they serve at the lounge — you can easily approach someone. This airline also offers limousine transfers for passengers from the lounge to their flight.

  • Lufthansa Lounge

While some people travel for leisure, others are purely doing it for work. If your next flight is for the latter, the Lufthansa Lounge at the Frankfurt International Airport in Germany is perfect for you. This airport lounge has a designated office space where passengers can comfortably use their laptops and have access to a fast internet connection.

First Class passengers of the airline are provided with a personal assistant upon arrival and will be driven in a Porsche to the aircraft. The airport also provides a great view of the airside, a comfortable sleeping area, and spacious showers. Everything you'll need to stay comfortable and productive while waiting for your next flight is available here in this lounge!

  • Virgin Atlantic London-Heathrow Clubhouse

Having body aches when traveling will become a thing of the past when you spend time at the Virgin Atlantic London-Heathrow Clubhouse. This lounge deserves a position in this list because it offers top-notch facials, massages, haircuts, and nail services. It also has a circular hydro spa pool, steam shower rooms, and a tanning booth.

Even when traveling with kids, you can still pamper yourself as the lounge features video games and a playground for your little ones. For adults, some of the lounge's entertainment options are billiard tables and a library.

  • Privium Lounge in Schiphol Airport's VIP Centre

If you are traveling on a Wizz Air with connection at Schiphol Airport and you suffered from a flight disruption, using a Privium Lounge can be a great idea along with submitting a claim for Wizzair compensation, which can be done by AirAdvisor.

Privium Lounge, located at the Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing lounges in all of Europe. This airport lounge has become very popular among travelers because of its see-through bubble chairs suspended from the ceiling. Passengers can also enjoy a fireplace in the lounge, perfect when waiting for flights during the winter season.

Privium Lounge also has a wide variety of high-quality food, drinks, and wines, so you can refuel before you fly. Here, you can order different entrees. The soups, sandwiches, and croissants at this airport lounge are also a hit among passengers!

Sit Back and Relax

Airports in Europe offer countless luxurious lounges. So, what are you waiting for? If you're flying from Europe soon, make sure to arrive super early at the airport, so you can have time to relax in any of these lounges! However, if you face flight disruption, it always pays to know your passenger rights to EC261 compensation, which is provided by EU Regulation 261.

Image credit: British Airways' Concorde Room