The 5 Best Tanzanian Hotels to Stay at During Your Vacation

The 5 Best Tanzanian Hotels to Stay at During Your Vacation

Tanzania is one of the most popular safari destinations, home to some of the world's most treasured national parks and game reserves.

If you are planning a trip to Tanzania, you may be wondering about the best places to stay.

  1. &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge (pictured)

The &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is one of the places that will give you a view of Lake Manyara. There you can find some of the famous lions that climb the trees.

This hotel is in the middle of an ancient mahogany forest, and the lodge was built to blend right in.

You can book some Tanzania safari tours while you're here to be able to see close-up, once-in-a-lifetime views of the wildlife.

This hotel also has an outdoor dining area, dugout canoes, and guest areas that have local artwork and fabrics.

  1. Singita Faru Faru Lodge

The Singita Faru Faru Lounge is in northern Tanzania.

This hotel is built on a sloped hill, which gives you views of the migratory pattern of 2 million wildebeests. This is one of the only hotels where you can experience this up close.

The hotels also have very luxurious rooms, and you should be able to find a sizable room that meets your needs.

  1. Singita Sasakwa Lodge

The Singita Sasakwa Lodge is located in the Grumete Reserve in the Serengeti.

If you want to enjoy spectacular views while observing wildlife in their natural habitat, this is definitely the lodge you should book.

You will have your own personal butler and a private concession as well. There are nine private cottages and one villa that you can book. Each one has its own infinity pool and a view of the savanna.

  1. Maru Maru Hotel

Maru Maru Hotel is surrounded by lots of culture and history of Stone Town.

This hotel is just a short walk away from colorful markets and sidewalk stores. This hotel is actually restored, so it's a mixture of new and old which offers a very unique atmosphere.

There is also a roof terrace at the top of this hotel, where you can see beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

  1. Azura Selous

Azura Selous is located in the banks of Great Ruaha River.

This is one of the Africa’s oldest and largest wilderness areas. This is also one of the UNESCO world heritage site and it has been renowned for having more wild animals like wild dog, elephants, buffalo, Hippo and Lion.

Stay in One of These Tanzanian Lodges

These Tanzanian lodges are sure to make your stay luxurious and will also leave you with lasting memories of how beautiful the country is. Make sure you do your research before going so that you can get the most out of your trip.