5 Boating Tips for Families Setting Sail

5 Boating Tips for Families Setting Sail

There are so many boating adventures your family can set sail on, and they are all pretty amazing. From water activities to beach picnics, there is definitely something for everyone in the family. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to take the family on a boating excursion or private vacation.

There is certainly a lot of information about boating and water fun for families. The information available on the top boating blogs alone can help you decide when and where you should set sail for your next family vacation.

Whether boating in the Ozarks or Alaska, the following can serve as a quick guide for that research. Here are the five boating tips for any family setting sail.

1. Think About Location Before Setting Sail

The location you want to set sail in or two is a big consideration for any family setting sail. You want to ensure it is a boating destination that covers the activities the whole family will enjoy. For instance, if you have a teenager who wants to learn to wakeboard or waterski, a lake boating destination may be the best choice. You also want to think about sleeping arrangements. If you are buying a boat, you should find one that has sleeping available in the hull. If renting for a week, think about whether you would rather sleep on the boat, or dock it and stay at a lakeside hotel. This is important.

2. Keep The Adventurous Energy High

Family boating trips are certainly adventurous, and keeping those energy levels up while on the water is critical. It is important to stay as active as possible as a family. This could be fishing off the bow or seeing who can stay on the banana tube being dragged behind the boat the longest. Depending on what type of boating adventure you and your family set your sights on, there are a lot of unique experiences to be had. The most important part is to have as much fun as possible, creating those long-lasting memories while on the water as a family.

3. Don’t Forget Home Routines

There is definitely a lot of boating fun to be had, and a lot to explore while cruising the lake or ocean waters as a family. However, do not forget important home routines. These routines are important, and can add balance in an otherwise fast-paced schedule. This is especially important if you are on the water for multiple days — so plan some family downtime. For example, if you have a toddler that has naps at a certain time, keep nap time in place and let yourself relax during this time as well. It can keep you recharged and ready for the next day of adventure on the water ahead.

4. Make Dinner Time Fun

Being on a boat for multiple days at a time means eating on said boat. It isn’t always just about sightseeing and soaking up the sun on deck. Make dinner time fun and regardless of the day’s activity, bring the whole family together for dinner. You can even make the dinner experience themed to add a bit of flavor. For example, if you have young children, you can do a water cartoon character theme, like Sponge Bob to really make dinners fun and enjoyable for all while aboard.

5. Ensure You Are Getting Off The Boat Too

Getting off the boat and doing a few shore activities is another boating tip to consider, especially if you are boating for a week or longer. This is why picking your boating destination is important. You can enjoy beautiful beaches as a family, or potentially leave the kids behind with an older chaperone while you and your loved one have a romantic dinner ashore. Sounds pretty amazing right? The key is to plan ahead, because having kids means always having a plan, and even more so while setting sail as a family.

Wrapping Up . . .

If you and your family are ready to set sail on a boating adventure, plan ahead and make the absolute most of the once in a lifetime experience. The above family boating tips for families setting sail are definitely not the end-all. They will, however, give you a head start and help you consider what to do, when, and how. Planning ahead can also keep your experience under budget as well. Do you have any fun and adventurous boating tips? We want to hear from you.