5 Complimentary Experiences to Enjoy at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Bali

5 Complimentary Experiences to Enjoy at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Bali

Combining culture with education, travelers staying at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, a sprawling resort beautifully set where the lush jungle meets the Ayung River in Ubud, are invited to immerse themselves in the Balinese culture. Designed to provide guests with an enriching and unforgettable adventure, here are five unique complimentary experiences for travelers to enjoy during a visit to the property:

Daily Yoga Session: The perfect way to start the day in harmony is by joining Mandapa's tranquil morning yoga sessions with Guru Winana. Set amidst Bali's lush rainforest with the sounds of the soothing flow of the Ayung River, guests can dive deep into breathing techniques, mindfulness and relaxation —a testament to Bali's profound connection with yoga.

Rice Pounding: Rice, the lifeblood of Balinese culture, holds a profound significance to the locals and in their way of life. For visitors seeking a deeper connection to this essential grain, Mandapa offers an immersive hands-on activity for travelers to learn how rice is prepared.

Subak Farming: The practice of the subak refers to the cultural and traditional irrigation system that revolves around farming in Bali. For guests to learn about the Balinese farming techniques, Mandapa offers a hands-on activity to explore the way a local farmer works using the subak. Travelers can also venture outside of the resort for a refreshing walk through the Sawah rice field.

Jamu Making Class: A destination for wellness and spirituality, Bali carries a long tradition of healing. Jamu, an Indonesian turmeric and ginger drink, is known for boosting energy, reducing inflammation, and enhancing circulation, and is offered each morning during breakfast at Mandapa. For travelers to try making the drink home, the property offers a jamu-making demo where they learn the ancient recipe.

Balinese Crafts & Culture Talks: Canang Sari, handmade sacred offerings created from coconut leaves color the streets of Bali every morning. For guests to learn about these offerings and daily life of the Balinese community, Mandapa offers travelers the chance to craft their own offerings to deepen their understanding of this ritual and connection the local culture and spirituality that is intrinsic to Balinese life.