5 Luxury Shoe Brands to Style Up Your Outfit

5 Luxury Shoe Brands to Style Up Your Outfit

Shoes complete an outfit – for women and men alike, nothing beats a pair of luxury shoes to make you feel fabulously fashionable.

A good pair of shoes are an investment, and handcrafted is always better. They’re made to be repaired, not replaced – so take care of them and they’ll last you a lifetime.

This kind of luxury is always worth paying a little extra for. So if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, then here are just five of our favorite brands to get you started.

Bruno Magli

Originating in Bologna, Italy in 1936, Bruno Magli and his two siblings began to produce handcrafted, luxury women’s shoes – an art that had been passed down from their grandfather.

Success expanded their range, and by 1947 they had become a popular producer of shoes for both men and women. Towards the end of the 1960s, the brand became an international success and is still a popular choice among celebrities and luxury lovers today.

Their range has expanded into other accessories. But despite the success and expansion of the brand, they’ve never forgotten their roots – that’s why all their products are still designed and manufactured in Italy.

Ed Meier

Ed Meier was founded in Munich in 1596 and is the oldest shoemaking company in the world. Even more remarkably, the company has remained within the family and is currently run by the 13th generation of the Meier family.

Ed Meier began as a footwear manufacture to German royalty and the upper classes, and their incredible designs are still highly regarded by those who live for luxury.

Crocket & Jones

Northamptonshire is the shoemaking capital of the world, and has produced some incredible brands that are still handcrafting fantastic footwear today. Its long history in the art of shoe crafting has left a legacy on the county, with techniques being passed down through the generations of these footwear families.

One of these British shoemaking institutions is Crockett & Jones, whose products perfectly embody the English sense of style and elegance – so much so that the brand was given the prestigious task of outfitting Daniel Craig for his role as James Bond in Skyfall.

Whether you get your pair from a stockist such as Pediwear, or visit one of their retail stores, you’ll be sure to find the perfect shoes to style any ensemble.

Christian Louboutin

Nothing says luxury like the iconic red soles of a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Despite being credited with bringing the high heel back into fashion, the Louboutin brand only dates back to 1991. Hard to believe when they have reinvented both men and women’s footwear fashion!

The luxury of Louboutin is a must have for anyone who wants to add a touch of glamour to their wardrobe.

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi has been perfecting the art of women’s shoes for seventy years. Each pair takes 14 hours to perfect – demonstrating that the art of good craftmanship is a marathon, not a sprint.

Substantiable fashion is the phrase on everyone’s lips and in 2015, in a bid to be more sustainable, Sergio Rossi partnered with agency Eco-Age to create an eco-friendly ‘green carpet’ range consisting of products that would emphasize and practice sustainability.