5 Packing Tips for Small Bags

5 Packing Tips for Small Bags

We're sure you've heard of the challenge of traveling with a small bag. You can't fit everything in, so what do you leave behind? And then there's the issue of making everything fit in one bag. It can be stressful! But if you know these tricks, it doesn't have to be stressful at all:

Pack an item in each shoe.

This may seem obvious, but it's something we don't think about often enough. Pack each of your shoes with at least one pair of socks and underwear (or two), shorts or pants, and t-shirts or shirts to use during the flight. This will save you tons of space by packing fewer clothes and will give you more room in your bags!

Roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Rolling your outfits is a great way to save space, as well as avoid wrinkles and creasing. This method also helps you keep track of what items are in each bag so that you don't have to unpack everything before finding what you need.

Opt for a small bag that has wheels.

Wheels are a fantastic feature to have in your small bag. They make it easier to move around, which can be helpful if you’re traveling with children or large amounts of luggage.

If your destination is an airport or train station, bags that carry luggage with rollers can also be beneficial because they will allow you to quickly get through security and onto the plane/train without being weighed down by your luggage.

Also, remember to pick bags that are of good quality. Even if the size is small, high-quality bags can come in handy to carry sufficient luggage, especially when you travel. So, make sure you buy your bags from reliable sites like Tote&Carry.

Use the right organizer.

Packing cubes are a great way to keep your clothing organized, so you can find the right things quickly and efficiently. They are also incredibly useful if you want to bring home souvenirs or gifts from your trip (or if you're buying them while traveling).

A flat packing cube is ideal for t-shirts and other items that need folding; they allow you to pack more shirts in the same amount of space. These bags will also help prevent wrinkles in your clothes because they prevent them from being balled up together in one large pile. You can find these anywhere from $10-$20 USD depending on how many features they have (e.g., zippers vs. drawstring closures).

Wear your bulkiest items.

Wear your bulkiest items, like a backpack, sling bag, duffel bag or tote. These options are great for short trips where you don't need to carry much – like going from point A to point B and back again. They can also be used on your way home from an outing if the extra weight feels too heavy when you're carrying it around all day long.

If you insist on taking multiple bags with you because they're essential to your trip (or because they're just so pretty), try combining them into one larger piece of luggage: Wear a messenger bag with handles as a cross-body strap so that both hands are free; wear a shoulder bag with two straps for extra support, or wear a waist bag that sits comfortably at hip level so that nothing gets lost in the depths of your own personal safe harbor (but make sure everything fits before reaching inside).

There you have it! Five packing hacks for when you’re traveling with a small bag. If you follow these tips, you should be able to fit everything you need for your trip into one small bag and not worry about leaving anything behind at home. Happy travels!