5 Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding Over Traditional

5 Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding Over Traditional

There are many reasons to consider a destination wedding, from getting married at your dream location to making your big day memorable and lasting longer. You can either elope, to celebrate only with your closest family members, or to have a big reunion. There isn’t any limit to your creativity.

With so many options, destination weddings have become a popular trend over the years, and for good reason. Our generation is all about traveling and experiencing new things, and the wedding day is something we are all passionate about.

While destination weddings are not meant for everyone, if you’re a couple who believes your biggest celebration should be about making dreams come true, sharing an unforgettable experience with your loved ones, and creating something unique and different, you’re on the right track. Below are five reasons why you should have a destination wedding.

1. Easy to Plan

Planning a wedding day is exciting, but not easy. To some, the idea of getting married somewhere other than near home might appear daunting as it seems to involve more work compared to hosting a wedding locally.

However, truth be told, destination weddings are quite easy to plan, thanks to wedding coordinators and all-inclusive, pre-designed wedding packages based on different budgets and styles.

For instance, you can choose from several attractive wedding packages at Rose Hall. Their team of expert wedding coordinators will make sure your day is rooted as deep as the rich, vibrant heritage of the land. Rose Hall abounds with history and beauty. Lush green landscapes, secret waterfalls, exquisite panoramas, majestic great houses, beach escapes, and historic ruins—there is a Rose Hall Signature location suitable for your dream wedding. Bring the love and let them take care of the rest!

2. Affordable

Weddings can be costly, and that’s no secret. What you wish to be a small celebration with your closest friends and family blows out and becomes a big, fancy event with a massive guest list.

When you opt for a perfect destination wedding, you’re allowing yourself to combine the key expenses of getting married (e.g., combining the wedding and honeymoon location in one). In most cases, resorts will provide a complimentary upgrade (e.g., a suite), and a discount on accommodation for your family members.

Based on your guest list and preferred location, a destination wedding may actually prove to be more affordable than a typical local wedding.

3. Open the Doors to Creativity

With so much information available on the Internet, especially on social media, it’s possible to have tons of different ideas for your wedding day. It is also common to get bored with these ideas quickly as you see them too often. You want something unique and unforgettable. And guess what? Having a quality destination wedding can be great for both things!

You can create whatever your heart desires. Anything that fits your dream wedding can be brought to life.

Also, you have access to things that probably aren’t available in your hometown. The possibilities are endless. You can get break dishes, get married bare feet, or even order fancy drinks. Customize your wedding day however you may. Couples today prefer fun and casual weddings over hosting a formal or traditional event. And the reason is that destination weddings welcome creative minds.

4. Stunning Wedding Photos

Let’s be honest, in the 21st century, everything mentioned in this article would be less fun if you didn’t even have photos to remember and share those amazing moments of your wedding day. While you can take some memorable photos at a local wedding ceremony, it’s a completely different story when it comes to destination weddings.

In fact, one of the main reasons why brides these days choose destination weddings over anything traditional is to have some incredible wedding photographs. To some of us, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You want to experience the day and the moments you shared with your loved ones over and over again. And what better way to cherish those memories than with photographs?

Find yourself a destination wedding photographer who will understand the efforts you put into your wedding, and every little detail that matters to you. Someone who will treat your wedding day as it should be treated, and capture everything with love: the reality, the connections, the emotions, and the place you chose together. Someone who is capable of taking photos that will make you laugh and cry at the same time and relive those moments again and again.

A destination wedding indicates magical, breathtaking photos are in every corner. Working with a local photographer to your preferred wedding location can boost your odds of having spectacular photos incorporating the natural landscape. They know how to take the best shot given exposure to any natural elements.

5. Minimize Your Guest List

The average number of guests at a traditional wedding is 140 in the US and 250 in Brazil. But what about destination weddings? Well, it may sound shocking to you but the average number of guests at a destination wedding is around 40.

Planning your wedding outside your hometown gives you the opportunity to cut your guest list in half. Destination weddings tend to be more intimate, meaning only the closest people are invited. But that doesn’t mean you cannot invite others.

One of the advantages of a destination wedding is that you can actually invite whoever you want. Because it is a different location, chances are not a lot of people would be able to attend your big event. This allows you to celebrate the day with those who matter and not feel guilty thinking you couldn’t invite everyone from the office.

Your friends and family members will appreciate the invitation. Because it’s not just them attending a wedding; it’s a fine opportunity for everyone to travel. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a new place?

Wrapping Up

With a destination wedding, you have tons of opportunities to make your wedding day one of, if not, the most memorable days of your life. You can forget about everything and make the wedding just about you two. You have the option to choose who should be there on your big day.

Are you considering a destination wedding?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts regarding destination weddings.