5 Reasons Why Chartering a Yacht is Perfect for Honeymooners

5 Reasons Why Chartering a Yacht is Perfect for Honeymooners

Sail LUNA, a charter company based out of the US Virgin Islands offers a 2019 45-foot Lagoon catamaran in the Caribbean. Spend your honeymoon surrounded by pristine cerulean waters, powdery white sand beaches, and palm tree-fringed islands. The yacht is also known for fresh and flavorsome cuisine and signature cocktails, adding to an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Here are 5 reason why chartering a yacht is perfect for honeymooners:

- You can travel at your own pace - Visit the destinations you want to visit, dine on restaurant quality meals, sip artisan cocktails and totally escape from reality

- Personalized itinerary - Your charter will be tailored to you and your partner in every way. From deciding on the destinations and activities, to the menu and beverages, the charter will be all about you and your new life together.

- Dedicated personal crew - Your crew are there to ensure that your honeymoon is one to remember, waiting on you hand and foot - meaning you won’t have to lift a figure, unless you want to.

- Privacy and discretion - Your privacy will be unmatched to any resort or hotel. Escape to an uninhabited island or private beach, away from the crowds and hoards of tourists

- Safe - A charter yacht is away from crowds, and therefore Covid-19 safe, especially compared to a cruise ship