5 Surprising Advantages of Staying in a Private Villa

5 Surprising Advantages of Staying in a Private Villa

Over the past several years, like virtually everything else, the travel industry has grown and changed. Although the "5 star hotel" was once the mainstream luxurious experience that we all craved, vacation goers are now shifting their tastes towards a more relaxed vacation. Today's travelers are placing a stronger emphasis on wellness, independence, and privacy.

Private villas have become a trend that is here to stay. This upscale vacation option has redefined the hospitality industry with personalized vacation accommodations at exotic locations. Continue reading to learn more about the surprising advantages of staying in a private villa and why you should keep this option on your radar for your next vacation getaway!

1. Vacationing In A Private Villa Offers Guests A Peaceful Experience

Vacations have been shown to improve life satisfaction and provide mental health benefits. A Canadian study found that those who took paid vacation days generally had better overall health and life satisfaction. Data also shows that vacations have longlasting impacts that extend further than the duration of the trip itself. A peaceful vacation experience can lead to a more positive perspective on past and future experiences. While you are on your vacation, you want to decompress and relax. This can oftentimes prove to be easier said than done in congested accommodations, with other vacation goers’ children sprinting through the halls or the room next door creating a ruckus at an inopportune hour. Opting for a private villa gives you the privacy and tranquility that you deserve on your vacation. Furthermore, with a spacious villa, everyone in your family or party can have their own private room. Long gone are the days of cramped quarters or quarrels over who is taking the couch.

2. Have A Personalized Experience By Staying In A Private Villa

When staying at more conventional traveling accommodations, there is usually an activities director in charge of your day and the events taking place. However, at a private villa, your vacation is personalized to your exact tastes. Is working out a must? Stay at a villa with a state of the art barre gym. Are you booking a family reunion trip? Opt for a villa with a game room, bunk beds, and in-house movie theater. Staying in a private villa gives you the freedom to set the tone and schedule for your vacation. Everything is on YOUR terms and time.

3. A Private Villa Provides Guests With A “Home Away From Home”

With a combination of luxurious elegance and homey ambiance, private villas are “home away from home.” Like your personal home, your private villa sports multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen, outdoor space, and Instagram worthy views of Miami's beautiful waters. A private villa gives guests the best of both worlds, combining luxurious amenities and home comforts.

4. Private Villas Are A Perfect Option For Groups

Whether you are traveling with your little ones or organizing a company retreat, a private villa may be the best option. Private villas allow each party to have their own private rooms, while still giving travelers quality time to socialize in the private villa’s common areas, such as the pool or living room

5. Private Villas Are Spacious

Traditional traveling accommodations are typically more confined. Fitting four people in a one bedroom, one bathroom might not be ideal. Private villas offer space for travelers to spread out and truly indulge themselves.

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