5 Things To Know Before Going Abroad For Cosmetic Surgery

5 Things To Know Before Going Abroad For Cosmetic Surgery
There are a number of things you need to consider, including getting to know your surgeon beforehand - few people do and suffer when their surgery goes wrong as a result or they don’t receive the aftercare they were promised! So, before you look into the best breast enlargement Turkey has to offer or dental care in Dubai, here are 5 things to know before going abroad for cosmetic surgery:

1. Find Out If Your Doctor Is Certified

When deciding to go abroad for cosmetic surgery, you should find out if your doctor is certified. The best way to do this is to look for a surgeon who is accredited with a reputable organization. Not only will this ensure that your doctor is accredited, but one you can trust because large organizations work to ensure their surgeons follow a painstaking set of requirements.

2. Ask Questions

While getting a great result is important, your safety is even more so. In order to make sure your complex procedure is carried out in the safest possible way, we recommend asking your chosen surgeon the following questions:

Are you certified in cosmetic surgery? Once you have confirmed that your cosmetic surgeon is certified, this answers countless other questions that may be lingering in the back of your mind about that specific surgeons experience and training.
How often do you perform the cosmetic procedure I want? You want to ensure your surgeon is well-experienced in order to get the end result you desire.
What type of anesthesia will I be given? Ensuring you are aware of the type of anesthesia you will receive and who will provide it will allow for a safe procedure, as well as peace of mind.
What will the recovery be like? Before you go ahead and get cosmetic surgery, you must be aware of the recovery process to dictate whether this is the best time for you to have treatment.

3. What If My Procedure Goes Wrong?

While a large number of people find a qualified doctor abroad who has performed surgery upon surgery successfully, this isn’t always the case. On some occasions, people are mortified with their end result, and poor results can be life changing. If something goes wrong with your cosmetic surgery abroad, you must understand what to do, the aftercare process in place and how you can claim compensation, if you can at all. Even if you choose a reputable surgeon able to prove his/her success, beware that a number of cosmetic surgery contracts state that you are only able to claim for compensation through the local counts – not the courts in your own country.

4. Risks

The next thing to know before going abroad for cosmetic surgery is the risks involved in the surgery you are traveling overseas to receive. As we know, surgery always carries some form of risk and even in the safest environment under strict conditions surgery can go wrong. Hematoma, nerve damage and infection are just three of the most common cosmetic surgery complications.

5. Ask Yourself Why

People go abroad for cosmetic surgery for all kinds of reasons, but when it comes to undergoing the knife, you need to ask yourself why. For many people, the main attraction of medical tourism is to receive top-grade medical care for less. Before having cosmetic surgery, consider whether the possible advantages outweigh the potential complications, and if it will help you reach reasonable goals, whether it is undergoing breast reduction surgery to relieve discomfort or nose reshaping surgery to improve breathing.