5 Top Treasures of Africa: Where to Explore in 2020

5 Top Treasures of Africa: Where to Explore in 2020

African Travel, Inc. has a passion for providing guests with an authentic, unforgettable experience of Africa. With more than 40 years of experience in handcrafting safaris and having local offices in Africa, African Travel, Inc. knows the continent like the back of its hand. African Travel, Inc. specialists have recommended the top five best places to visit in 2020. Below you will learn about the destination’s hidden treasures, such as the best places for game-viewing, sustainability opportunities, uncrowded sightseeing, unique dining and cultural experiences.

1. Rwanda: It’s time to put on your boots and visit Rwanda. Rich in landscapes and mountainous, the country’s green and lush environment is home to many primates, plants and bird species. The star attraction is spotting an endangered mountain gorilla—an experience that travelers will never forget! At the Parc National des Volcans, guests can relax at the nearby Lake Kivu to unwind after a day full of trekking adventures. Nyunge National Park has a pristine mountain rainforest for those seeking more adventure. Recommended Safari: Discover Rwanda (11-Days)

2. Botswana: Botswana as a destination offers some of the most stunning landscapes, along with magnificent sunsets and amazing stargazing. It delivers unmatched safari experiences, from the thriving waterways of the Okavango Delta, to the Kalahari Desert’s ancient baobabs and meerkats, and the Chobe National Park, with large herds of elephants. Botswana is considered to be the benchmark when it comes to sustainable ecotourism practice in Africa with its tourism restrictions. Fly from camp to camp to take in the delta’s diverse eco systems – wet and marshy delta that then empties into a desert full of wildlife. Explore the waterways with your expert rangers via slow motorboat or being poled in a traditional mokoro (canoe) spotting hippos, crocodiles and a myriad of birds. Recommended Safari: Best of Botswana (9-days)

3. Namibia: With its open vast spaces, endless horizons and dramatic desertscapes, Namibia is a hidden treasure for those who appreciate an unspoiled, authentic experience. If you want to get a perfect view of the Milky Way, then this desert landscape is the place to be with little light pollution. You can visit the red sand dunes of the Soussuveli, the shimmering salt pans and wildlife at Etosha National Park, and the haunting and evocative Skeleton Coast—known for its shipwreck shorelines, and swirling sand mists. You can spot unique and varied forms of wildlife, such as the bizarre Welwitschia plant, the rare brown hyena, desert rhinos and elephants. For a truly off-the-beaten-path experience, you can venture to the north, which is home to the Hima, one of the last true nomadic tribes in the world. Recommended Safari: Namibia Desert Escape (8-days)

4. Tanzania: The variety of scenery, activities and accommodation makes Tanzania a destination with a broad appeal. During the annual migration, wildebeests and other ungulates stampede across the Serengeti plains, which is also home to ostriches, elephants, hyenas and lions. A must-visit destination is Tarangire National Park that’s home to herds of elephants the Maasai people from the park’s permanent river that serves as their lifeline. Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s one of the world’s largest unbroken calderas. If you want to see primates, visit Mahale Mountains National Park, where you can spot endangered chimpanzees. For those desiring a wild and rugged safari, the Selous Game Reserve is known for boat trips on the Rufiki River, walking safaris and very few tourists. For travelers wanting to give back, they can embark on a one-day ME to WE journey to help build a school for Tanzanian children. Recommended Safari: Treasures of Tanzania – (9-days) $1000 off this Green Season!

5. Kenya: Kenya has long been a top destination for safari seekers. Showcasing a wealth of wildlife, each diverse national park has its own allure. The Massai Mara is the most popular safari destination with huge herds of wildebeests travel across the plains during the Great Migration—described to be one of the greatest events in the natural world. You can visit Mount Kenya—the second highest peak of Africa--for great geological views. Known for its groundbreaking rhino rehabilitation efforts, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is one of our favorite places to visit. It has a combination of unspoiled beauty, superb game—viewing and responsible tourism. House, camel and walking safaris are just a few activities to do there. Bird lovers will love Kenya’s lakes, which is a paradise for many bird species. Lake Nakuru is best known for the massive flocks of flamingos. The arid Samburu is another northern gem that stretches over the Ewaso Nyrio River that is home to elephants and large predators like lions, and rare species such as the Grevy’s zebra, the Somali ostrich, and the reticulated giraffe. You can relax on the beach in eastern Kenya which is bordered by the warn Indian Ocean and white sandy beaches. Travelers can give back to the Kenyan community on a 4-day ME to WE adventure to help build a new school, learn about animal conservation with a visit the Sheldrick elephant orphanage, and understand local life by participating in a water walk to fetch water with mamas. Recommended Safari: Captivating Kenya (9-days)

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