5 Valentine's Day Dates You Can Only Have with a Private Jet

5 Valentine's Day Dates You Can Only Have with a Private Jet
1. Dinner in one city, dessert in another

Escargot in Paris, then gelato in Rome. It doesn’t get better than that.

2. Over-the-top surprises

Flying private allows you to arrange the most extravagant of surprises for your significant other. According to CEO of Alerion Aviation, Bob Seidel, a husband once ordered 500 roses to be placed on the plane before his wife arrived. Your date doesn’t even have to know where the flight is going until you land!

3. Fly to a (really) exclusive island

Nothing says “alone time” like a remote destination that only you can get to. “Private jets have access to 10 times the amount of airports that commercial airplanes do. When flying private, the world is truly your oyster,” said Seidel.

4. Make every aspect of the trip romantic

Sitting at the gate, queueing through TSA lines and eating next to strangers are sure ways to kill the romance. When flying private, you make decisions about takeoff time, meals, music and entertainment. Best of all, it’s just you and your loved one.

5. Keep The Day Going

Don’t want your date to end? Avoid midnight for as long as possible by flying to different sunsets around the world.

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