6 Reasons to Say 'YES' to a Luxury Beach Wedding

6 Reasons to Say 'YES' to a Luxury Beach Wedding

Couples who are planning their wedding hear “luxury” and think expensive. However, that is not the case when it comes to a luxury wedding on a beach.

If you are still wondering if this is a viable option for you and your fiance, here are 6 reasons to say “YES” to a luxury beach wedding that you will remember forever:

  1. Save Money On Traditional Wedding Purchases 

The biggest reason destination weddings especially Cancun weddings, are becoming popular is because of how shockingly affordable they are.

The sheer amount of money that couples around the world spend on wedding venues, catered food, open bars, formal wedding party clothing, wedding planners, honeymoons, etc. is downright astronomical.

Practically all of these costs can be avoided if you opt for a beach wedding instead.

Who knew that a luxury beach wedding could cost you less than a traditional church wedding?

  1. Unmatched Wedding Picture Backdrops

One thing that no other venue can compete with when it comes to beach weddings is the surreal sunsets that form the perfect backdrop for all your wedding pictures.

Instead of having to go to multiple locations in your hometown or settle for a couple of brick walls and grassy lawns, you can make your love come to life with beautiful tranquil waters in the background.

You will adore your pictures for years to come.

  1. Paradise Vacation For All

While your guests may whine a little about having to make the trip out to some tropical country or island, your loved ones will love you for giving them a reason to take a much-needed vacation.

You are not only having a beach wedding but also creating an all-inclusive vacation for all your guests giving them a chance to enjoy their time at your wedding.

Not only will you remember the wedding forever, but so will your guests.

  1. Say Goodbye To Honeymoon Planning Stress

If you thought wedding planning was stressful, you probably have not thought about your honeymoon yet. Planning a vacation in general can be quite stressful when it comes, especially if you want a luxurious one.

Looking for the best destinations and traveling to these far off places after a hectic wedding, often turns out to be too much for newly wedded couples.

Instead of having to worry about planning your trip after your wedding, you can carry on the honeymoon right after the wedding is over.

  1. Customizable Wedding Packages

A great benefit of saying “Yes” to a luxury destination wedding is that your chosen resort or hotel will probably already have multiple wedding packages that they offer.

This includes everything from decoration and furniture to hotel rooms and most meals. By purchasing one of these packages, you can assure that you have to do the least work as far as planning your wedding goes.

Additionally, if your guests have any issues they can directly trouble hotel staff instead of bringing any more stress your way.

  1. Tropical Fresh Cuisine 

Arguably the best part about going to a wedding is the food options but for the wedding couple, it can be quite expensive to offer premium options.

However, when you are at a tropical destination, some of these premium options can be cheaper since they are local to the area.

You should not be surprised if expensive seafood is available in your wedding package or offered by your caterer for a fraction of the price back home.

Imagine being able to serve fresh lobster to your wedding guests - talk about luxury!

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, destination weddings can be considerably cheaper than traditional weddings.

While the cuisine, photo landscapes, and the ease of honeymoon planning are some of the most compelling reasons to say “YES” to a luxury wedding, you are bound to find more once you entertain the idea.