6 Reasons Why Tangier Should Be On Your 2023 Bucket List

6 Reasons Why Tangier Should Be On Your 2023 Bucket List

Following an unforgettable World Cup for the men’s national football team, Morocco is a country that is on everyone’s mind and is set to be one of 2023’s hottest destinations. With rich culture, delicious cuisine, beautiful architecture, and warm weather, Morocco deserves to be known for much more than just football. Alongside the better-known cities of Marrakech and Casablanca, Morocco is filled with incredible destinations just waiting to be discovered, such as the northern city of Tangier. For visitors to Tangier, the new Fairmont Tazi Palace is the perfect accommodation to discover this hidden gem city.

1 – Experience Tangier’s newest luxury hotel - Originally built in the 1920s for the king’s advisor, Fairmont Tazi Palace has been carefully restored and transformed into an incredible luxury property. Situated high above the city, it offers spectacular views of Tangier’s Old Town and the verdant forest below. The palace’s design is a blend of historic neo-Moresque architecture and modern opulence, whilst maintaining its authentic Moroccan origins.

The hotel has just opened and offers lavish accommodation, a wide range of culinary venues, and rejuvenating wellness offerings, all within an idyllic setting celebrating rich Moroccan history and culture. Guests can embark on a culinary journey at Fairmont Tazi Palace’s restaurants including tasting the finest flavours of the northern Mediterranean or experiencing a unique, immersive Persian dining experience unlike any other. For those looking to revitalise their body and mind, the Fairmont Spa offers tailor-made treatments inspired by local Moroccan traditions and combined with natural elements for a holistic experience.

2 - Discover the rich history and culture of the White City of Tangier – Tangier is one of the oldest cities in Morocco, having existed for over 2500 years, and has the illustrious history to match.

It is often referred to as the White City because of the pristine white houses spread across the city but there are also an array of multicultural architectural influences from majestic Middle Eastern inspired temples to Byzantine Era cobblestone streets. Throughout the city are picturesque ocean views as the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean.

3 – Follow in the footsteps of some of the 20th century’s most iconic cultural figures – Do you know what famous names such as Henri Matisse, Samuel Beckett, Ernest Hemingway, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, all have in common? They have all come to Tangier in search of escapism and to rediscover artistic inspiration within the city. Visitors can wander these same streets, explore the labyrinth of Tangier’s famous medina, discover the vibrant sights and sounds of traditional Moroccan markets, and uncover Tangier’s glorious past. To this day, Tangier remains a creative hub of activity and has countless museums, galleries and artists’ studios to be explored.

4 – A cinematic journey through Tangier – Film destinations have increasingly become a popular choice for travellers, however, it is a well-kept secret that Tangier has been the setting for some of Hollywood’s major movies! Fans of Inception will remember a dramatic chase between actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, but they may not know the action-packed scene was filmed the Old Souk of Tangier. Another iconic character to grace Tangier is James Bond 007, with 2015’s Spectre featuring the Palace of Abdeslam Akaaboune as well as shots from throughout the city. Other cult films set in Tangier include Only Lovers Left Alive and The Wind and the Lion.

5 – Immerse in authentic Moroccan cuisine – Tangier’s food markets are a must-visit for any traveller as they offer an explosion of colour and aromas with fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood as well as a plethora of spices to indulge in. Guests at the Fairmont Tazi Palace are able to fully experience the culinary journey of market-to-table dining. From purchasing incredible ingredients in Tangier’s food markets like a local to returning to the hotel and using the chef’s professional kitchen, learning to cook traditional Moroccan cuisine such as fish tajine under the chef’s masterful guidance. Fairmont Tazi Palace also offers guests the opportunity to learn the craft of local artisanal ‘Jben Jebli’ goat cheese, a traditional food of the Jbala people who have lived in the Rif mountains for centuries.

6 – Venture to the blue diamond of Morocco – Near to Tangier and built amongst the dramatic landscapes of the Rif mountains is the breathtakingly beautiful city of Chefchaouen. This picture-perfect destination is instantly recognisable due to buildings and streets decorated in alluring shades of azure, earning it the title of the ‘Blue City’. The city was first built in the 15th century as a fortress from the Spanish and the original red Kasbah still stands, however, it remains a modern mystery as to why the city was intentionally painted blue.

How to get there?

Direct flights to Tangier are regularly available from London Stansted and London Gatwick with Ryanair and Air Arabia Maroc. There are also regular ferries from Tarifa in Spain and Gibraltar.