6 Things to Do On Holiday in Thailand

6 Things to Do On Holiday in Thailand

Going on a vacation is fun and exciting, but can be overwhelming too. Sometimes you can be confused about what to plan for activities, but don’t worry because here are some things you can do to make sure that you have experienced the best of Thailand.

Visit wat Phra that Doi Suthep

During your tour, there is one temple that you can't afford to miss visiting. Wat Phra that Doi Suthep was built in 1383; known to be a Buddhist temple that carries a rich history. A white elephant with a piece of Gautama Buddha’s shoulder bone designs it. Historically and artful, this temple is a site to see and a place that you shouldn’t miss out.

You can take your time and take either the cable car or go on hiking towards the top. You can also experience swimming if you like. But the most thrilling part of this place is reaching the center of the temple. Just imagine being in a place like wat Phra that Doi Suthep and stepping on the middle of antiquity.

It is an opportunity to spend and be awed of the prestigious details on the place as well as seeing the Emerald Buddha replica. You can climb the open-air truck or climb up to the known mountain of Hmong village too.

Anyone can take a peaceful walk through a small town that is widely known to have witnessed old traditions of tribe that is relived even until today. You can get handmade artifacts for souvenirs, interact with natives, learn a new language, and eat traditional dishes too.

Go fishing

Enjoy a nice and warm fun-filled activity out in the water. If you are searching for another blissful encounter, then fishing in Thailand is worth a try. With a wide variety of fishing packages by various resorts, one can fish all day long or as wanted. Catch exotic fishes, take a picture of the horizon, and experience the pure bliss in fishing in the waters of Thailand. And this is hassle-free too since various resorts have different packages that are quite friendly to you and your family.

Visit the elephant refuge in Tha yang

With the rising case of elephant and fish abuse in Thailand, there is an initiative to take care of these beautiful creatures of the land and sea. Book an appointment to this beautiful elephant sanctuary in Thailand especially if you are passionate about elephants and fishing. Visit this known sanctuary and experience a magical visit that no one should pass while visiting Thailand. You’ll be able to witness elephants in their modern habitat and how experts take care of them.

Get to feed the elephants, wash them, and get close to them. See them near from their various enclosures and best fishponds; and you’ll witness just how different Thailand’s sanctuary is by taking care of these creatures and not putting them in harm's way. By being around this refuge in Tha yang, you enjoy the serene environment and listen to nature speaking softly and get a sense of relief and a break from the usual town noises.

Check out the beaches in Hua-hin

Everyone likes the cool breeze of the ocean. Some enjoy walking on the shore barefoot is a chance and be in sync with nature; it is an appealing reality. These beaches have various hotels, resorts as well as tourist attraction sites that you can’t afford to miss. Most importantly, it lacks young, rowdy crowds. Get a chance to experience real fishing. You will also get the chance to visit the historic teak palace on the seafront. But wait, there’s more! There is a wide range of fishing opportunities that you can enjoy while in Hua Hin. Do you like trying different cuisines? A Hua Hin tour avails the perfect opportunity to sample native food such as healthy fish as well as refreshing drinks and try something different out of the norm.

Visit the bridge on the River Kwai

In World War 2, laborers were force to work in fisheries to make ends meet. Some survived but the others lost their lives because of it. As sad as it sounds, this is a fact that you would know if you ever set foot in River Kwai. With the help of a guide, you will understand its significant historical time. And if you are enjoying aquatic historic learning events, visiting the bridge on river Kwai is one way to spend your vacation. Visiting the museum as well as ride the local train, is an excellent way to appreciate history.

Visit Kaeng Krachan national park

Do you fancy a trip into the tropics? Trekking through the dense terrain in Thailand’s rainforest is an excellent activity to engage. Encountering thicker jungles and looking at wildlife is breathtaking. Get to enjoy the various fish species. Make a quick stop at Kaeng Krachan Dam. Don't stop there, continue through the mountain road, and enjoy the panoramic views in the neighboring rainforest and fathom the wondrous splendor. Bypass the jungle road and enjoy a natural fish meal on the park's central lake as you relax.

Making a trip to Thailand is phenomenal in itself, but without the right destinations, you might miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, so don't forget to take a deep breath and savor the moments.