7 Affordable Luxuries for Your Bedroom

7 Affordable Luxuries for Your Bedroom

Watching home decorating shows could leave you thinking that you can never afford a bedroom makeover. Those luxury brands may be nice, but you do have options for creating a luxurious bedroom that fits your budget. Try adding one or several of these lovely touches to your bedroom that will make you feel like you are sleeping between the covers of a magazine.

Clean White Walls
Have you ever wondered why resort and hotel rooms feel so spacious? The secret here is usually bright white walls that evoke a feeling of calmness. A can of white paint is fairly cheap, and you can easily paint your bedroom in one weekend.

Colored Lights
A few pops of color help to offset all of that whiteness. Colored light bulbs are a fun way to instantly add some interest in your room. If your budget allows, you can also pick up pendulum lights for a fairly good price that you can use to shine soft blue or purple light from above.

Displayable Collections
A pretty glass vase or bowl can easily be found for under five dollars in many stores. These are the perfect way to show off pretty little collections such as natural items that you bring in from outdoors. Fill one up with a bunch of mini pine cones to bring an outdoorsy feel to your home. Pebbles or colored glass are ideal for creating a beach vibe.

Colorful Throw Pillows
Throw pillows are home decorator’s little secret for adding color and patterns to a bedroom while also increasing the comfort factor. Grab a couple of throw pillows to put on top of your cozy mattress. If you look for ones with removable covers, then you can easily change up the look of your room without having to spend as much money.

Pretty Wallpaper
Wallpapering an entire room can get pricey, but you can do a lot with just a single roll. Look for areas in your room that could use a little sprucing up. A pretty pattern of wallpaper can look great on the backs of shelves or on an accent wall.

Faux Crown Molding
This decorative trim can quickly turn your room into one that feels fit for a king or queen. Faux molding is often made from lightweight materials such as foam. This makes them more affordable and easier to install around the ceiling of your room. They also look far more expensive than they actually are.

Opening up your bedroom is as simple as hanging up a mirror. These help to make it seem like your space is much bigger, and you can find simple styles in an affordable price range. For true luxury, consider adding some baubles to the frame such as rhinestones that you can just glue on. Or, you can also leave the frame plain to play off of the clean lines that you find in hotel rooms.

While you wait for the day that you can afford a major bedroom overhaul, you can still enjoy those little comforts that make life better. Once your bedroom is set up, take a chance every now and then to change things up. Swap out the light bulbs for a new color or throw a new comforter on your bed. Doing things a little at a time keeps things fresh and more budget-friendly.