7 Beautiful Destinations You Can Only Visit by Private Jet

7 Beautiful Destinations You Can Only Visit by Private Jet

Ready, set, jet...Embodying elegance, prestige and style, private jets are one of the most luxurious ways to travel the world. With less distractions and a whole lot more leg room, the difference compared to commercial flight is hard to overstate. In addition to this, chartered planes can access the world’s most remote and scenic airports that can’t be reached by commercial aircraft.

Shown to boost economies and investment around the globe, many countries are more than happy to host private travelers. Commercial travelers miss out on a number of ideal holiday destinations (many runways simply aren’t big enough to land commercial planes). With this in mind, below you’ll find our Top 7 choices for the best of these destinations, holidays that offer rare experiences for the most exclusive of travelers.

Norman’s Cay

A little over 200 miles from Miami you’ll find a famous little island getaway. Featured in a variety of media from books to video games, the island of Norman’s Cay has caught the attention of globetrotters everywhere. If you are going to take direct flights to Miami we recommend Myflightsearch -- they have various deals which suit every class.

Owing much of its fame to pirates and drug smugglers, the island was once a transport hub for the world famous Medellin Cartel. Quickly becoming a sought-after destination, Norman’s Cay is also featured in Netflix’s famed Fyre Festival documentary.

Clear skies and blue waters contrast with the island’s white sand for views straight out of a brochure. With a small but scenic plane wreck right in the surf, there’s thriving marine life to be found in the shallow reefs surrounding Norman’s Cay. With no commercial flights available, and a Four Seasons hotel in development, there’s never been a better time to touch down on this piece of modern history.

Norman’s Cay

Anguilla Island

If you’re looking for a quiet beach to get away from life’s stresses, Anguilla has over 30 of them to choose from. Situated to the east of Puerto Rico, this tropical haven is well-known for friendly attitudes and an easy-going atmosphere.

Laid-back and charming or upmarket and elegant, there’s a beach bar to suit every taste. Holiday season is filled with boat races and beach parties, with a midyear festival experience like no other. You won’t find any casinos or sprawling hotels here. There are no restaurant chains or shopping malls. Get away from it all and experience the freedom of island life.

Amangiri Resort

Tucked away in Central Point, Utah, the Amangiri Resort is a harmonious blend of rock and concrete. Blending with nature in a way few resorts can achieve, this secluded retreat isn’t just an architectural marvel, it’s also an ideal destination for a variety of outdoor activities.

Whether you want to hike, climb or take a ride on horseback, Amangiri has numerous trails and park routes. There are extensive spa facilities to relax in, and delicious Native American cuisine to savour. Minimalist in form yet full of character, the Amangiri resort is a rare and enticing way to get in touch with nature.

Lanai Island

Found roughly in the centre of Hawaii, Lanai is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the famous archipelago. With two Four Seasons hotels and an inactive volcano, Lanai’s world-class luxury resorts contrast surprisingly well with the rugged terrain of the island. Lanai’s airport is too small for commercial flights, and private charter is the best way to reach the island.

There are three golf courses on Lanai, all filled with stunning views showing off the volcanically molded landscape. If you’re not in the mood for golf you can grab a four-wheeler for some offroad fun, but you’ll need to hire a 4x4 if you’re planning on seeing all there is to see. Many of Lanai’s sights and monuments are in remote locations, and with dirt roads as the only form of navigation, every journey becomes an adventure.

Necker Island

If islands aren’t your ideal holiday destination, perhaps Sir Richard Branson’s personal paradise might change your mind. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to live on your own island, Necker Island is as exclusive as it gets. Bookings are made one at a time, and the seclusion on offer is almost priceless in value.

Found in the British Virgin Isles, Necker Island is a far cry from the hustle of everyday city life. Treat yourself to one of the most relaxing and private experiences money can buy. Discreet staff ensure that guests have a comfortable stay, and with absolutely no one to bother you, absolute freedom is an exciting prospect.



Picturesque in every sense of the word, Ittoqqortoormiit is a quiet settlement in eastern Greenland. Known for awe-inspiring views of natural beauty, it’s a great place to witness mother nature in full swing.

With less than 500 residents, Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most remote locations in the world. Simply getting there is an adventure in itself. Private jets can land 40km away from town, after which you need to grab a helicopter ride into the village. Helicopters are the only means of transport in and out of Ittoqqortoormiit. If you aren’t looking for sun tans and cocktails, this one might be right up your alley.

St. Moritz

Situated high up in the Swiss Alpine mountain range, St. Moritz is a bustling cosmopolitan destination. Densely packed with a plethora of activities, this resort town overlooks the glacial valley of Lake St. Moritz. With the oldest natural bobsled run in existence, plenty of ski routes, and museums galore, this little city has some big attractions.

One of only three cities to host the Winter Olympic Games twice, St. Moritz is a premier sporting destination. Due to its high altitude, St. Moritz is a popular hub for athletes looking to get that extra edge. You can play polo on an ice field or get fitter than ever on the athletics track. Basking in an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, winter wonderlands don’t get much better than this.

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We hope our list has given you a place to set your sights on. Private charters are one of the safest and quickest ways to travel, and they’re rapidly becoming a popular choice. Have fun out there, and travel safely.