7 Best Places in Estonia for Luxury Shopping

7 Best Places in Estonia for Luxury Shopping

The tiny European country of Estonia is chock full of uniqueness that can't be matched anywhere else in the world. It's so homey and comfortable that you'll feel at ease from the moment you set foot in it. Thousands come every year to see the handmade goods and the quaint little buildings and nooks. But not every shopper who comes through is looking for simplicity. Some want a more luxurious feel to the goods they buy. So to help those with a finer taste in life, here are seven of the best places for luxury shopping in Estonia.

  1. Nu Nordik Design Shop

If you're looking for contemporary designs amidst the classic creations throughout Estonia, look no further than Nu Nordik. Everything here has been carefully designed to harness the specialized blend of Estonian appearance with a modern twist. Goods ranging from interior design items to beautiful hand-made accessories from designers the country over, you're bound to find something so luxurious and delightful that you can't live without it.

  1. Pull and Bear

Here is a shop directly aiming for the fashionably conscious youngsters the world over. This is a great store containing the perfect blend of handmade flair and stylish popularity geared to please even the pickiest of youths. Best of all, it has its own website customized to each region, including the US. The stock changes seasonally and the variety is absolutely immense. Shirts, shorts, swimwear, dresses, skirts, you name it, and an enormous selection is there. The website is easy to use and doesn't require translation to understand it, much like Kaup24.ee, another eCommerce store that is more like Amazon  — selling everything you can think of. Both sites are well-made and chocked full of items you can't find anywhere else.

  1. Annimari Vintage

If you want something luxurious, but you still want to stick to the classic, vintage look of the old days, look no further than this tiny, dark doorway leading to a true time capsule. The admittedly scary entrance of the building seems to be a test for those seeking only the finest of Estonian wares. Here, you'll be treated to an immense collection of quirky, vintage items to utterly transform your home in ways you never imagined. Old clocks, odd-looking lamps, brightly colored dresses and gems, etc. It's pricey, but that's to be expected from a hidden gem like this.

  1. TALI Design Shop

If you're sick to death of bringing home the same boring souvenirs again and again, fear not. TALI might have precisely the thing to perk you up at the idea once again. Located down a narrow little alley way, of course with its own unique distractions, you'll find TALI nestled comfortably in a small store. It's positively loaded with brilliant little goods made by young designers of all trades. Bizarre jewelry straight out of geometry textbooks, funky little notebooks and novelty maps and even swimwear, all priced to sell and take home to show off.

  1. Estonian Design House

It doesn't get more vintage Estonian than a store that shares the same name. Walking in here, you'll find a generous collection of goods unlike anything from your typical souvenir stands. Everything here was crafted locally from materials found in the region, and sometimes, artisans can be found inside. Everything from home furnishings to jewelry to clothes, if it isn't here, then it probably just doesn't exist — yet.

  1. Baltika Quarter's Fashion Street

This old factory building has been transformed into a lovely, modern shopping center filled to the brim with the very best and brightest of local designers. The brands you buy in here are all high-end local names, such as Monton, Mosaic, and Baltman. Every style here is fresh and new, made from local materials and presented in a very modern taste and flair. The design of the store was carefully crafted to create a balance between the old and new, which Estonia presents so well.

  1. Masters' Courtyard

A little taste of the old days from Tallinn's hub centuries before. The nook has hardly changed since then and to this day, it's filled to the brim with the creative souls the country is so proud of, distributing their high-end, handcrafted wares to anyone with a curious eye. You'll find dozens of astounding workshops and stores and you can even visit the famous Chocolaterie in the yard, selling only the finest handmade Estonian sweets. Whether you peruse the expansive selection of goods or settle down for a snack in the cafe, we guarantee you won't forget your visit to the Masters' Courtyard anytime soon.


Whether you're shopping for yourself or others, for simplicity of luxury, the variety to be found in Estonia is unmatched. It's the perfect harmony of new and old, young and old, blended together into the soulful mix of ingenuity that makes human imagination such a wonder to behold.