7 Extravagant Party Ideas for Your Next Vacation: Yachts & More

7 Extravagant Party Ideas for Your Next Vacation: Yachts & More

There are a lot of ways to spend money when your bank account is the size of a telephone number, but rarely is money spent on things that will truly enhance your time spent with loved ones and great friends. Having the best vacation ever doesn't have to be as expensive (relatively speaking) as you think, and you can treat your friends to the time of their lives.

In this article, we'll be showing you 7 extravagant party ideas, from a yacht party to renting your own private island. Because why not? If you've got it, flaunt it!

1) Renting a luxury yacht

Wine on board, polo on the yacht, dancing with the most beautiful people in the world, it all sounds amazing! If you've got the cash to flash, renting a luxury yacht is one of the most spectacular party ideas you can bring. You can do a luxury yacht vacation for your guests starting in Miami, Florida to the Bahamas, and expect to spend around $55,000 minimum for the yacht and crew - or more, depending on the boat size.

It’ll be a cruise you and your guests won’t forget, and you'll feel like you’re in The Wolf of Wall Street as you charter around the islands with drinks in hand.

2) Reserving an entire Michelin-star restaurant

Many 5-star restaurants offer private event hosting and catering, so why not wine and dine in style with your closest friends and family? 5-star restaurants like the famous Hell’s Kitchen owned by Chef Gordon Ramsay offer private event hosting, and expect to spend a pretty penny on that, too.

3) Book your own private concert

Have a favorite band you want to hire for your own private party? That's entirely possible, if you've got the money to burn. Artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Sheryl Crow, and many others can be privately hired starting at around $250k, while other artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and Bon Jovi command more than $1 million!

4) Renting an entire private ski slope

If you've got a high-end snowboarding, skiing, or snowmobiling enthusiast friend who wants to bring his or her friends and family to the slopes for the day, consider renting an entire ski hill for a day or two.

There are some gorgeous powdery slopes you can have all to yourself and your friends for a day, such as the private Silverton Mountain ski resort in Colorado, for $14,000 per day. To make it even more extravagant, rent a private helicopter to carry you up the slopes for an extra $900 per day (give or take).

5) Renting your own private island

If you want to go off-the-grid, rent a private island (and get there on the private yacht we mentioned earlier!). You can do this without going bankrupt, such as the gorgeous Brother Island, Philippines for $100 per night per guest. Or the incredible Matamba Island, Colombia for $1,790. It really depends on the amenities and shelter you want on your private little island.

Be very selective in your listing though, and make sure you're getting an all-inclusive package, so you aren't just arriving on a floating rock in the middle of the ocean.

6) Light up the sky on the 4th of July

Did you know the world record for the most expensive fireworks display goes to the country of Abu Dhabi, which spent $20 million on a 55-minute fireworks display? You probably don't want to spend that much on a fireworks show, but you can still light up the sky for your guests within the range of $7,000 - $20,000 for a 30-minute display from a professional fireworks company.

It really depends on the type of fireworks you want to be included, so a mind-blowing display with plenty of big booms and sparkles is going to cost in that range mentioned, whereas a simple, wedding-type fireworks show will be a bit less.

7) Rent a mansion for the weekend

This one might seem a bit cliché, but hey, it's a staple of the extravagant lifestyle. Just rent out a big swanky mansion for the weekend and throw your own wild party with all your friends. There's nothing quite like it. Maybe you can even hire Nicki Minaj for a private concert like we mentioned earlier.

Go wild, have fun, but please don't smash the owner’s priceless artifact displays, or you might find yourself bankrupt!