7 Trendy Gift Ideas for Her This Holiday Season

7 Trendy Gift Ideas for Her This Holiday Season

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the woman in your life – whether she is your partner, family member, or coworker – you may be stuck on what to get. There are lots of great options, but which one will be the best? To get the holiday gift inspiration you need, read on for 7 trendy gift ideas that will leave her excited as she tears open the present.

  1. Paris Hilton Perfume

Perfume makes an excellent gift because it shows you put a lot of thought into your choice. You have to think about the recipient quite a bit to find a perfume they will like and the receiver will be incredibly touched. The gift of perfume is a token of affection, romantic or otherwise. Plus, as an item she will wear every day, she will remember you and your thoughtfulness.

If you place a Paris Hilton perfume under her tree, she is sure to be excited, whether she is a big fan of the socialite or not. You can find a variety of quality fragrances to suit her style from sweet and floral to fruity and woodsy.

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2. Platform Boots

If the woman you are shopping for is a shoe lover or fashionista, you will want an increasingly trendy gift. Platform boots are becoming incredibly popular from short booties to tall booties, platform sneakers, and more. Of course, even if she isn't always looking for the next trend, she is going to get lots of use out of a cute pair of platform boots.

For a huge selection of platform boots, shop iHeartRaves. You will be sure to find the shoe that will match her personal style whether she loves classic colors such as black or goes for bold patterns.

3. Eyeliner Pencil

Shopping for a makeup connoisseur? A woman that loves makeup tends to love testing out new products so you don't need to fret about figuring out which brands or products she likes or needs. So if you've felt overwhelmed by choosing a makeup product to gift her, you don't have to worry.

An eyeliner pencil from Jones Road Beauty makes an excellent choice as a stocking stuffer, a single gift, or part of a collection of items. As one of Allure Magazine's best of award winners for 2021, you can trust the product is quality and will be well-loved by the receiver.

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4. Sherpa Jacket

A popular fashion trend this season that's also functional for the cold weather is sherpa jackets. With a protective layer to fight cold weather, a sherpa material that is luxurious and cozy, and is equipped with lots of pockets, this jacket is a must-have for anyone, whether they are into fashion or not. They will be thankful to you for helping keep them warm this winter.

Banana Republic offers lots of sherpa jacket options to find the right coat for her. The options vary from professional looks to more casual jackets. Consider her style and which type of clothing she leans more towards. Would she wear this jacket every day or would it be best for work attire? With this in mind, you will choose the best one for her to get the most use from.

5. Shine Leggings

Do you have a niece or daughter on your list this year? Shopping for children can be difficult, especially when they are in the tween stage and are a bit too old for traditional toys. Don't worry about choosing a gift that will make her eyes roll. Instead of hunting for a good toy, search instead for fashion items that she will be able to use often.

For a clothing item that she will adore, shop stylish shine leggings from PixieLane. With plenty of colors and prints to choose from, you can't go wrong with a pair of shine leggings that she will be excited to add to her closet. If you need some hints on what she might like, don't be afraid to ask someone close to her to get an idea of her style.

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6. Navy Hat

Do any women on your list have a connection to the US Navy? Whether it's the mother, sister, wife, or daughter with a connection to the navy (or even a woman in the Navy herself), a hat that proclaims their support and gratitude for this branch of the military will be a great option.

When you shop for a Navy hat at USAMM, you even have the option of customizing the cap to a personalized gift she is sure to adore. Personalized gifts are always a huge hit because it shows you put extra time and effort into a unique gift.

7. Fleece-Lined Mittens or Gloves

Practical gifts may have a reputation for being boring but they come incredibly handy in times of need. Whether you have a woman on your list who lives in a cold climate or spends lots of time outdoors, fleece-lined mittens or gloves are a must-have.

A pair of mittens or gloves from L.L. Bean, known for its quality outdoor products, is sure to keep her hands warm and toasty on cold days or nights. Consider when she will be wearing the outerwear accessory to choose the best option. If she will be using her hands while skiing, for example, mittens would work best. However, if she is bundling up while watching her children play sports, gloves are great for staying warm.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for the women in your life doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor. Any of these gift ideas will show that you put thought and consideration into the perfect gift or custom gift box. They will be incredibly grateful to you for your attention to their wants and needs.

Written In Partnership with Molly Webster