8 Expert Tips to Plan a Yacht Wedding

8 Expert Tips to Plan a Yacht Wedding

With over 1.1k searches across the globe for “yacht wedding”, over half (54%) of these searches are in the US alone. To help those looking to plan a wedding on a yacht, boat, or cruise, Piera Carchedia, head of Righboat’s expert content has offered her expert advice for setting sail to tie the knot. 

  1. Before choosing your boat consider your budget
    Based on the budget you have for your wedding, it may be best to look at different options, from a cruise liner with your nearest and dearest or a riverboat that can fit your close friends and family, or a large yacht to host a big wedding.

Your budget can decide whether or not you should have a wedding on the water, as it can become quite expensive very quickly. Pricing will vary greatly, depending on the size of the boat, the style, and the region where you’re booking. 

Yacht, charter, and riverboat weddings tend to only require a fee for the use of the vessel. Whereas cruise ship weddings require you to pay for the cruise, along with fees specific to your wedding. Most cruise ship weddings offer different packages for the wedding ceremony and reception. 

If you’re set on having a wedding on a vessel, there are ways to reduce costs such as cutting your guest list and choosing a smaller venue.

  1. Think about the time, date, and location of your wedding

Weather can be one of the most important things to consider along with time, date, and location. If you are looking to tie the knot in the sunshine, planning your wedding during the peak summer season is probably the best. 

It’s worth noting that weather can have a big influence on waterfronts and boating events, you probably want to try and avoid choppy waters or you and your guests might get seasick! If you’re uncertain about the best time to plan your wedding, consult the venue you are looking to book, or even better talk to the yacht, cruise, or riverboat team. 

  1. Check legalities and state laws

We recommend you check your state laws to whether or not you can get married at sea, there are two main options when having a yacht wedding. You can either get married on land and have an informal ceremony on board, or be carried out at sea.

Getting married at sea means you won’t have a legally binding marriage license, we recommend having a civil ceremony at home, then having your celebratory ceremony in your boat rental and destination of choice.

With that said getting married on land, doesn’t necessarily mean “land”, you can still have your wedding ceremony aboard a vessel, as long as it’s docked in a port. You will, however, need to follow the port's requirements for such a wedding.

If you really want to get married at sea, it may be possible to obtain your legally binding marriage license at your destination. Although, it’s probably not ideal since you’ll still need to have it recognized by your local government.

It’s worth noting for a yacht wedding, you should find a captain and a boat that is legally allowed to officiate your onboard wedding. Whilst not forgetting to check your local laws to make sure that a wedding on a boat will be legally recognized when you’re on dry land.

  1. Plan your romantic route

So you’ve picked your venue, the time, date, and location you plan to get married. Next, you should consider whether you want the boat to just sail out into the ocean or if there’s a preferred route of scenic views. The venue you have chosen will most likely be the main decider of the route you can have, as most cruise ship routes are already planned out! 

  1. Experienced event planners are a must

We highly recommend working with an event planner if you have chosen to plan your wedding on a yacht, charter, or riverboat, as these vessels tend to be privately hired. A wedding or event planner who has experience in organizing an on-water wedding will know the best caterers and entertainments you can hire and accommodate for you. 

  1. Consider your entertainment and activity options

Whether you are planning on having a band play live music or a DJ at your wedding reception, when booking your entertainment it is important to remember that they will need to be on board the vessel before you set sail. This may cut down a long list of entertainment options for you, so be mindful of this when planning. 

However, if you are planning a cruise ship wedding, most cruise packages come with an onboard entertainment option, saving you the hassle of contacting numerous entertainment acts! 

  1. Plan the perfect decor
    Like with most weddings, you need to decide on a theme for your yacht wedding and plan your decor accordingly. Make sure your decor complements the yacht's interior and exterior. Consider adding flowers, lighting, and other decorations to enhance the ambiance.
  2. Don’t forget about catering

Work with a catering company that is experienced in yacht weddings. Make sure the menus fit the style and theme of your wedding. Consider the size of the galley and the kitchen facilities of the yacht when planning

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