8 Things Your Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe Must Have

8 Things Your Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe Must Have

Your walk-in wardrobe is one of the most used spaces in your home. Designing and decorating it to match your style and home aesthetics will ensure you have a joyous experience every time you enter to pick your outfit.

Here are 8 things that you absolutely have to include when designing your bespoke luxury walk-in wardrobe.

1. Soft carpets or rugs on the floor

There’s no better feeling than stepping into your favorite pair of slippers.

And having a whisper-soft carpet or fluffy rug on the floor of your walk-in wardrobe gives you that feeling every time you walk into your closet. Plus designer rugs for sale have the bonus of adding warmth in the winter months.

2. A full-length mirror

Your walk-in wardrobe is not only a storage solution; it’s also the place where you put together your look for the day.

That’s why multiple mirrors will give your wardrobe a very chic dressing room feel. Add an intricate frame to your mirror for a touch of high glamour.

3. Bespoke shelving and drawers

Your walk-in wardrobe should be custom-built to meet your specific storage needs, from jewelry drawers to handbag hangers and scarf racks.

The wide range of walk-in wardrobes at FCI London can be tailored to create a unique storage solution that will tick all your boxes. Don’t forget to add a discreet safe if you have valuables to store.

4. A smart system for shoes

There’s nothing more frustrating than pairs of shoes flung carelessly at the bottom of a closet or, even worse, under the bed!

Shoe organizers declutter your space and prevent stray shoes from going missing when you need them most. Choose a shoe system for your wardrobe that is both practical and classy,, ensuring they are all visible at a glance.

5. Seating

A luxury walk-in wardrobe is a work of art and there is a great pleasure to be had in simply sitting back and admiring your design! Add a stylish wing-backed armchair or comfortable pouffe from which you can survey the contents of your closet.

6. Great lighting

Carefully chosen wardrobe lighting will not only make you look fabulous; it will also allow you to see the contents of your wardrobe so there’s no confusion between your black and navy clothing rails.

And if your walk-in wardrobe is large enough, a ceiling chandelier looks gorgeous and makes a profound style statement.

7. An accent wall in your favorite color

Painting one wall in a color that you love will make your heart lift every time you walk into your wardrobe. It will also imbue your wardrobe with a slice of your personality, and if ever there was a space in your home that calls for that, this is it.

Use a color wheel chart to find colors that complement each other and enhance your dressing experience.

8. Matching hangers and rail

With a walk-in wardrobe, you can choose the height at which to hang your rails. Go for two shorter ones at different heights rather than one long one, as this lets you divide your clothing into short and long.

When choosing hangers, you’ll want to find a set of good quality hangers that match. It’s a tranquil balm on your busy mind to walk into your closet and see everything hanging in an orderly fashion on identical hangers.

These are just eight fabulous features to consider when building the luxury walk-in wardrobe of your dreams.